Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I couldn't be happier. I sold my novel, Eden At Twilight to The Wild Rose Press. I just signed the contract this afternoon and put it in the mail. I'm pretty happy about that! :D

Here is the blurb and an unedited excerpt:


EDEN AT TWILIGHT is the story of Lily, a woman who wants love, and Leaf, the man who risks it all to love her.

Lily Moore is an ordinary accountant who works long hard hours, leaving room for little else. After strange occurrences begin haunting her, she’s convinced by a motherly friend to take a vacation in Scotland. While there, she meets the man of her dreams, a handsome stranger with shifting hazel eyes.

Leaf falls for Lily the moment he sees her, love at first sight. Never has a woman taken his heart so quickly. When trouble stirs and threatens her, he stands by her side, traveling through time and dimension to reclaim her from a deadly Drow leader. Lily has no choice but to trust him and hope his strength will pull them through. But is his strength alone enough?


Lily was glad when the plane ride was over with, as the shuttle pulled into the drive of the cottage. The feeling of awe surrounded her, as if she was entering into the picture on her post card. After paying the driver and stepping from the car, she stood looking around in an enthralled stupor. The scents, sounds, everything was just as her imagination had promised it would be. Shading her eyes against the late afternoon sunshine, she just couldn’t help standing motionless, looking at her dream come true. She finally moved to pick up her luggage without taking her eyes from the grand Cottage before her. It was as if she were afraid it would disappear before she could get inside, if she took her eyes from it. Reaching down, she fumbled for the handle of her suitcase, her fingers meeting the warmth of a large hand. Her attention suddenly snapped from the scenery unfolding before her and back to reality. A reality snagged straight from her dreams. Standing in front of her was a kilt-clad man waiting with her luggage in hand. Her eyes wandered upward and she unconsciously pressed her hand over her heart when her gaze locked into his sharp, hazel green eyes. Yellow flecks, hypnotically kept hers transfixed for a brief moment before she could tear them away. She blinked and her heart stood still, time seemed to have stopped.
“I’m Leaf,” he held out his free hand to her. “I’m the caretaker here at the Country Cottage.”
Lily took his hand in hers and felt it wrapped in calloused warmth, “I’m Lily,” she breathed. Unwarranted chills chased over her skin from his touch. The thick burr of a Scotsman lilted in his voice and a warm smile curled the edges of his lips, making deep dimples at the corners. A rough dark scrub of stubble blended into wild sand colored, wavy hair that stopped just past his shoulders. Releasing her hand, he turned to pick up her bags. The flex of muscle pulled his plain white tee shirt taut, and she felt her breath catch when his kilt rode up the back of thick, stout thighs and white socks peeked out from the tops of his tall work boots. He turned and waited for her with baggage in hand. Picking up her smaller bags, she followed quietly, praying he hadn’t noticed her ogling him as she blinked her eyes and physically tried to will her heart to slow.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Exciting New Things!

New Series in Cactus Rose Opens Today

"Earth Songs"

The stories can be set anywhere in the United States among any Native
American tribe, but must take place between the years 1870 and 1890.

Each story must involve a Native American hero, heroine, or both.
Historical accuracy is essential.

Cactus Rose is looking for believable stories with fully developed
characters and happily ever after endings.

Stories must be 40K or less. This brand new series is now open for
submissions. Please send query and synopsis in your email to
queryus@thewildrose press.comThis e-mail address is being protected
from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and indicate
that it is for the Earth Songs Series in your email.

I just cannot tell you how exciting it was for me to open my mail this morning and have this note in from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. Sadly, Blood's Price is erotic, so it won't be going to this line, but I have another story brewing. One that will fit the bill perfectly! EEEE! I'm just so excited to do this one!

Off I go to finish Blood's Price, so I can get at this next one!