Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thief of a Goddess Heart

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Ivy Jones has had a challenging life. She's learned to distrust men, and has sworn off the male population, she firmly believes she has no use for a man. Even her cotton candy pink chopper is a not-so-subtle defiance to all things masculine.
As an Archeologist, Ivy is excavating in an ancient temple and has the good fortune to make the find of a life time-an intact and perfect Athena. But the statuette is more than it appears, there's an ancient curse associated with the Athena-a curse that lies in wait, to be discovered by a
believer of the Goddess herself. It takes possession of Ivy and life begins to take on some unexpected twists. Aside from the fact that she can't leave the statue for long without ill affects, things get steadily worse when The Athena is stolen and she is forced to rely on a smooth and persistent man on whom her life may depend.
Dane Knight knows trouble when he sees it. As a Navy SEAL turned Private Investigator, he has encountered more then his fair share, and has sworn off taking any new cases. Until the theft of The Athena is brought to him. He's drawn into the assignment, unable to resist, especially after he meets Ivy Jones, the Museum's Head Curator. Dreams haunt him, dragging him deeper into
the case, and he begins to soothe her angry, neglected spirit. As she learns to trust him, he begins to peel back the layers, and soon discovers there is more to the case than a mundane theft.
Working together Dane and Ivy do find the statue, and Ivy discovers something more precious than anything else, the cure to her curse.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Studs R Us


Okay, this is a brand-new, all original, erotic romance anthology. And it’s going be FREE when it’s released in about 6 weeks. We’re aiming for a December 1st availability, and the collection’s theme is pretty simple. Like the name says, STUDS!! With ten hot, sexy stories, you’ll find something that appeals to your wild side, I’m certain of it. All these sizzling hunks have one thing in common, they’re tradesmen, and they’re ready for passion…

Some of the best authors in erotic romance have signed on to offer their talents, and I am SO proud to announce that it looks like we’re going to have this to offer you, our loyal and wonderful readers, as a special Holiday thank you for your support and interest in our work. Also included in the collection are several newcomers to the world of erotic romance fiction, but don’t let their lack of previous sales deter you, these ladies are VERY talented and you’re bound to see more of their work in future.

So, our current line up is as follows:

Denysé Bridger:
Paige Burns:
Chaos DeLight:
Jessica Jerome:
Colleen Love: (Colleen’s website is not live yet, but SOON!)
Darragha Foster:
R.L. Stuemke: Painter
Lila Dubois:
Kelley Vitollo:

Stay tuned for more details, and the debut of this exciting new collection… Just in time to heat up your Holidays!!! The book will be available as a free PDF download on all of the author websites noted above. We’ve got handymen, painters, electricians, plumbers, and much more, so stay tuned!!!

Check at my newsgroup, or at any of the other authors sites and blogs.