Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Wee Snippet

Just sharing a few paragraphs of my WIP. I hope you enjoy!

Eoghan is pernounced You-en. :)


Alison sat on the sofa in the other room after Eoghan moved her out, several times. He had something secret going on in there that had her on pins and needles. She had to know what he was doing.
Alison Mackinnon, if I catch you peeking one more time, I will block the door out so you cannot see it.”
Can you do that?”
Are you daring me to try it?”
Uh, no.”
It was a short time later when he came back in to her. Alison had settled in and found a book to read belonging to Eoghan. It hadn’t been too dry reading and she didn’t want the TV on, so she could hear what he was doing. But he was very quiet and her curiosity was getting the better of her. She was relieved when he came in and got her. Only he had an agenda.
Now, I have another part of your lesson ready. All day you have gotten to use all five of your senses, and now I am going to take away your sense of sight and see how well you do. I want you to tell me what you learn from it.”
Okay. I think I can manage that.”
Eoghan placed a little black, silk mask over her eyes and her world went dark. She held on to his hand with both of hers as he led her back into the kitchen. Lifting her up, he set her down on a tall stool, always keeping a hand on her to steady her precarious position.
Alison felt the space around where she sat and felt nothing but air. She froze.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to let you fall, promise.” He took her hands and placed them in her lap, giving them a light pat before his touch abandon her.
Alison took a deep breath. “Alright. But just so you know, I’m afraid of heights.”
Don’t worry, you aren’t that high off the ground, I have you.”
Alison felt herself relax a little.
Now, tell me what you smell.”
Alison smelled and pulled back a little. “Cantaloupe.”
Good or bad?”
Bad, well, not my favorite.”
How about this one?”
Wet coolness touched her lips and she licked the sweet and tart of the juice from her lips. Alison accepted the morsel of fruit, chewing and swallowing before another scent was presented to her. She successfully named an orange, apple and banana. “Eoghan, as much fun as this is, will you please tell me the point of it?”
Well, besides fun, it’s about trust. I need for you to learn to trust me with all of your senses and without question. Today’s incident was a lesson for both of us and if we are going to make it to Samhain so we can cross in one piece, then we have got to build a strong bond of trust.”
The Bonding isn’t enough?” She felt him lean close when the heat of his energy merged with hers and his breath a mere whisper over her sensitive skin.
No, that isn’t enough,” he growled. “There is more to it than that and if that ever happens, you have to know what the consequences are for something like that. It is sacred and more than just animalistic mating, as much fun as that would be.”
I trust you,” she whispered, feeling his energy wane and knew he’d backed away. Her skin tickled and she felt him behind her and turned her head a little to keep track of him, feeling when he moved around her in a circle, before stopping in front of her again.
Another fruity presentation wafted under her nose and the scent and taste of sweet juice dribbled down her chin.
Peach,” she whispered.
He was close, she felt his energy drift in with hers again.
Very good.”
He slid the morsel between her parted lips. Before she could swallow, the warmth of his breath breathed against her throat. Pleasure skittered over her sensitive skin, making her feel unsteady, and she moved her hands toward him, seeking balance. He intercepted and restrained her wrists in one hand until she settled, feeling balanced again. Eoghan released her and she felt his energy ebb as he moved away.
Eoghan’s presence surrounded her as he moved closer, taking her hands in his. “What would you say if I told you that there was no chair under you?” he asked softly.
Alison stiffened as she drew in a sharp breath. She slid her hands away from his grasp to feel for the stool. When she felt nothing beneath her, she quickly lifted the eye mask. With a shriek, she fell to the floor. “What the hell?”

Your lesson is over. Your senses are sharp but you still have a long way to go as far as trust is concerned.” Offering his hand, he helped her upright again. A small glint of sadness touched his eyes. “Don’t worry though I’m going to be with you every step of the way. Matter of a fact, I have an idea. I am going to teach you the way I was taught. You’ll learn very quickly, I have a feeling, and I will be pushing you all the way.”