Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Babies!!

Well I went and had babies... 8 of them to be exact!! :)  Nothing says Spring like little chicks! I've been long over due for a new clutch, my flock has been reduced down to one lonely rooster. Poor guy. He is old and mellow now and very social. BUT the new chicks don't go outside until it is much warmer! For now they are in a big box in my living room where they held and loved. We just love our Buff Orpingtons!!

My poor little dog has been beside himself worrying over them! I don't think he slept until they were quiet last night and he came in and got me at least once. He stands on his hind legs and doesn't touch the box, so he can peek at them. We let him sniff them and he checks them out and then sits back and watches until a new chick is picked up.

Anyway... Pictures!!