Saturday, August 30, 2008

Making Friends at the Fair!

We went to the Evergreen State Fair on Wednesday. It is a yearly tradition that we all look forward too and we go rain or shine! The kids ride the rides until we cant stand it anymore and then we go look at all of the beautiful animals. I love looking at the chickens and would love to show my Nutsy, but he hates being handled and his spurrs are about three inches long now, so, I just dont think so...

Anyway... I made a new friend. He is a giant Percheron. I watched him for awhile and everyone else was kind of afraid of the big guy and would barely touch him, because of his sheer size, which was very similar to this (No, this isn't him.):

When everyone else had left the area, he looked at me and I asked him how he was doing. I could see the whites around his eyes, marking him unsure. I held my hand out to him and told him it was ok. He sniffed and snuffed at me for a minute while I pet his nose, before closing his eyes. When he opened them again, he had pure friendly trust there. He is a gentle giant. He lowered his head and I scratched his forehead with both hands. He nodded his head up and down and then he began to turn. He rubbed his neck and body along the stall door and that was when I noticed it was open a tiny crack. EEKS! Then he turned his rump to me and I stood on my tip-toes and scratched and scratched for him while he swayed his hips back and forth, further opening the stall door. When it began to open further, I patted his butt and told him to stop. He did and I pulled the door closed. I loved him for a moment longer before we had to go. I found a gentleman who had the horses next door and told him about the stall door. He showed me that the guy had undone the lock and he thanked me and said he would tell the owners. It was funny when he locked the stall again, because my new friend didn't want him relocking the stall and tried to wrestle it out of the man's hands with his lips. I don't know if you know how strong a horses lips are, but you can see my story on Unicorns listed below. They are like elephant trunks. So, the man had to swat his mouth away. We gotta keep the big guy safe!

So, what the heck does this have to do with writing? Everything! It is pure inspiration for a fantasy writer who is married to her knight in shining armor. :)

That was the highlight of my day. That was just pure magick for me. :)
I told my trainer friend about it and she though the same. She said that I had indeed made a new friend. :)

Hope your Saturday brings equal Magick!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Keeping Perspective

I am not the worlds most patient person when it comes to my writing. I want it all done right now. I have found through watching others that I am not alone in this ailment. When I have finished the rough draft and put the period at the end of that last sentence, my brain tells me I am done. Finito, kaput, finished. Well, in reality, that is so far from the truth that it is a slap in the face to all of the other voices crying to get out!
I have two other ms that are about 1/3 written and one of them is the first of a trilogy (my girl pirates and a Merman) that has all of the notes done on it. I have a complete ms of 80k and there is so much story left untold in it, that it is crying out to be a series. Which would be 7-8 books. I have an erotic comedy that has wanted out for nearly a year, I cannot believe it has been that long! And another erotic that has sprouted up because of Eden at Twilight, but is in no way connected.
Blood's Price is nearly finished, I need to go through it again after I am finished this time through, for a final polish.

So, how am I keeping all of this sorted out? I have no idea. My brain has become this quagmire of voices and the only thing that seems to save me from myself is my kids hollering at me too. LOL!! They come first and all of the hubbub quiets down when they need me.

Yesterday, I had to get away and get it all into perspective, I had to just get away from the keyboard and do something else. That also means get out of the house, where I am away from the computer all together. So, I went and did what Colleen does best. I cleaned my trainers barn. She was so surprised and tickled. hehe Horses put out about a hundred pounds of manure a day, she has five of the loveliest beasts on this planet. So, I scooped and then scratched and loved them until they were literally standing asleep. Well, all except one. Her mare, Passion. She wanted me to scratch her endlessly, so I loved on her rather then clean. She is the most gorgeous little five year old. So sleek and shiny and spoiled and loved. She is awesome because my trainer also owned her mom and helped her deliver Passion. Passion was treated as a lap dog and she will still try to sit her 1000 pound butt on your lap. She comes and gives you kisses and then turns for you to scratch her butt. If you aren't paying attention, she will back into you and knock you down! lol She doesn't just limit it to people she knows either. lol

So, now, I have things in perspective and off I go...

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Girl Power

I have a new person to add to my list of inspirational people. Christina Applegate. The struggle she has just endured and the sacrifice she made to save herself is amazing. The fact that she turned and faced this disease and took the prevenative measures to prevent it is nothing less then heroic. I think that of anyone who has to sacrifice for the greater good.

This disease has touched my family as well. I lost my aunt to it. I hope that if it ever touches me, I have the same amount of courage.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poetry in motion

A picture truly is worth a thousand words!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SExing today!

I'm looking at the humorous side of living with horses! Come see my post on The Trouble with Unicorns!

This is Daycon. He is the Unicorn I am discussing.

Happy Hump Day!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Magic Monday

Wow, here we are again! It's another Magic Monday.
It feels a little more magic today. Things are getting back to normal. Mr. C is going back to work after a nice vacation. The heat has died down to a nice tollerable 65 - 70 and raining, and I don't have to go anywhere today.

Went out for a ride last night. It was wonderful! Well, except, it was a little impromptu and I was unprepared. I had on a mini skirt! But can I turn down a chance to ride? Oh, hell no. My theory is, if you don't like it, dont look at it. hehe My skirt still covered my bum and that is good enough.
Riding bareback is such a cool experience. To feel the shift in the body and muscles when they go up and down the hills, to also keep your balance and energy in that circular round is just something short of pure magic for me. Of course it was Tanner, which means we had to work for him before the ride too. He isnt an easy catch, but once he knows his fate is sealed and a lead is around him, he is good and takes on a whole new manner. He is a Tennesee Walker with the smoothest gait, but a fast walker. I can hardly wait to ride him again.
I really miss riding my Scooter, but he just cannot be ridden. His hoof is getting better, but he is still out.
So, I think I will start a story that includes him in it. : ) I love that guy.

This is the kind of thing that keeps me moving and airs out my brain! It's the perfect break from all of the editing I've been working on!

Hope your Monday is just as Magickal! : )


Sunday, August 17, 2008

A funny thing...

We live out in a very private area. It is quiet, serene and beautiful. There is no traffic, no noise, no street lights. It is paradise. You can go out on a rare cloud free night and see EVERY star. You can even see the colors surrounding groups of stars. It is amazing. There are also many little and big critters that stir in the night as well.

So, what is so funny about that? Well... My kids have tried, unsuccessfully, to sleep out in the tent... alone, but next to the house. It has become more of a dare for them and every night that they try it, they end up back inside about the same time. It is a daily moving venture and Mr. C and I have started taking bets on how long it will last. The other night the coyotes were singing to the full moon. It was a very short time later that they trooped in with all the bedding, and stuffed animals they had worked all day organizing in the giant tent!

That is where the "funny" comes in. They try so very hard to make it and then get spooked and in they come.
It brings back fun memories of sleeping outside with my brothers and all of our friends. Except we didn't have a tent. Just sleeping bags in the grass, looking up at the stars. It is fun to remember those things. The magic and mystery of the night. The beauty on the other side of day.

How about you? Do you have memories like this? Something magical and mysterious that tickles your memory??

Share it with me. I love hearing others stories!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Guest blogging today!

I'm over at Denyse Bridger's place blogging! Stop by if you get the chance!

Have a great Friday!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Eden at Twilight


EDEN AT TWILIGHT is the story of Lily, a woman who wants love, and Leaf, the man who risks it all to love her.

Lily Moore is an ordinary accountant who works long hard hours, leaving room for little else. After strange occurrences begin haunting her, she’s convinced by a motherly friend to take a vacation in Scotland. While there, she meets the man of her dreams, a handsome stranger with shifting hazel eyes.

Leaf falls for Lily the moment he sees her, love at first sight. Never has a woman taken his heart so quickly. When trouble stirs and threatens her, he stands by her side, traveling through time and dimension to reclaim her from a deadly Drow leader. Lily has no choice but to trust him and hope his strength will pull them through. But is his strength alone enough?


Lily was glad when the plane ride was over with. A feeling of awe surrounded her as the shuttle pulled into the drive of the cottage. It was as if she was entering into the picture on her post card. After paying the driver and stepping from the car, she stood looking around in an enthralled stupor. The scents, sounds, everything was just as her imagination had promised it would be. Shading her eyes against the late afternoon sunshine, she just couldn’t help standing motionless, looking at her dream come true. She finally moved to pick up her luggage without taking her eyes from the grand Cottage before her. It was as if she were afraid it would disappear before she could get inside, if she took her eyes from it. Reaching down, she fumbled for the handle of her suitcase, her fingers meeting the warmth of a large hand. Her attention suddenly snapped from the scenery unfolding before her and back to reality. A reality snagged straight from her dreams. Standing in front of her was a kilt-clad man waiting with her luggage in hand. Her eyes wandered upward and she unconsciously pressed her hand over her heart when her gaze locked into his sharp, hazel green eyes. Yellow flecks, hypnotically kept hers transfixed for a brief moment before she could tear them away. She blinked and her heart stood still, time seemed to have stopped.
“I’m Leaf,” he held out his free hand to her. “I’m the caretaker here at the Country Cottage.”
Lily took his hand in hers and felt it wrapped in calloused warmth, “I’m Lily,” she breathed. Unwarranted chills chased over her skin from his touch. The thick burr of a Scotsman lilted in his voice and a warm smile curled the edges of his lips, making deep dimples at the corners. A rough dark scrub of stubble blended into wild sand colored, wavy hair that stopped just past his shoulders. Releasing her hand, he turned to pick up her bags. The flex of muscle pulled his plain white tee shirt taut, and she felt her breath catch when his kilt rode up the back of thick, stout thighs and white socks peeked out from the tops of his tall work boots. He turned and waited for her with baggage in hand. Picking up her smaller bags, she followed quietly, praying he hadn’t noticed her ogling him as she blinked her eyes and physically tried to will her heart to slow.

I cannot tell you how excited and pleased I am about this. What a great way to start a week!
Have a Magick Monday!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Inevitable Death

Yesterday afternoon, I found my mama guinea pig dead. It's never easy to deal with the death of anything you love. She was a good little mama pig. In this photo, she is the piggy on the right. The white one outside the pen passed away last year. Good old Freddy.
While my two young children are saddened by it, death isn't something we view as the end of all ends. In fact, the way we believe, it is a beginning to something new. An adventure into a new and unknown life. Maybe they will be back to finish something in a different form. Something along the Buddist line. Or maybe they are done here and continue on to the Summerland where she will meet up with Freddy. I don't know, thus the adventure.

I have a Hawaiian Sister-in-law, who told me something so comforting once, I thought I'd share that too. She was taught, every person has a certian amount of time they have to spend in this world. When a child or baby dies, it means they didn't have to endure this life before passing on to something bigger and better.
So, of course my question for her was, If you live to be old here, is that a punishment?
She says no. It means there were lessons to be learned before you can pass on to the next life. There may be things that need to be finished on your journey to the mountaintop. I like that. I like that alot.
I also have a very good friend who lost an infant to a very rare disease. She has been heartbroken ever since, and rightfully so. People had been cruel to her, telling her she had done something bad and brought this onto herself, somehow. I told her this theory, my theory, and she thought long and hard about it. She said it made so much more sense to her and brought her the peace she needed.

So, while we say good-bye to Teddy, we also wish her a good journey.

Blessed Be


Monday, August 4, 2008

Edits on a Magick Monday

Just to keep edits in line today, I've posted my inspiration. So far it is going well! Getting great feedback on the snippets I've posted, and by that I mean they were well liked. I still have work to do on it though. Need to weave in some threads and fill a few holes with dropped threads, but it is a beautiful tapestry, I must say, and it is sailing along nicely.

Have a very Magick Monday!