Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Keeping Perspective

I am not the worlds most patient person when it comes to my writing. I want it all done right now. I have found through watching others that I am not alone in this ailment. When I have finished the rough draft and put the period at the end of that last sentence, my brain tells me I am done. Finito, kaput, finished. Well, in reality, that is so far from the truth that it is a slap in the face to all of the other voices crying to get out!
I have two other ms that are about 1/3 written and one of them is the first of a trilogy (my girl pirates and a Merman) that has all of the notes done on it. I have a complete ms of 80k and there is so much story left untold in it, that it is crying out to be a series. Which would be 7-8 books. I have an erotic comedy that has wanted out for nearly a year, I cannot believe it has been that long! And another erotic that has sprouted up because of Eden at Twilight, but is in no way connected.
Blood's Price is nearly finished, I need to go through it again after I am finished this time through, for a final polish.

So, how am I keeping all of this sorted out? I have no idea. My brain has become this quagmire of voices and the only thing that seems to save me from myself is my kids hollering at me too. LOL!! They come first and all of the hubbub quiets down when they need me.

Yesterday, I had to get away and get it all into perspective, I had to just get away from the keyboard and do something else. That also means get out of the house, where I am away from the computer all together. So, I went and did what Colleen does best. I cleaned my trainers barn. She was so surprised and tickled. hehe Horses put out about a hundred pounds of manure a day, she has five of the loveliest beasts on this planet. So, I scooped and then scratched and loved them until they were literally standing asleep. Well, all except one. Her mare, Passion. She wanted me to scratch her endlessly, so I loved on her rather then clean. She is the most gorgeous little five year old. So sleek and shiny and spoiled and loved. She is awesome because my trainer also owned her mom and helped her deliver Passion. Passion was treated as a lap dog and she will still try to sit her 1000 pound butt on your lap. She comes and gives you kisses and then turns for you to scratch her butt. If you aren't paying attention, she will back into you and knock you down! lol She doesn't just limit it to people she knows either. lol

So, now, I have things in perspective and off I go...

Happy Tuesday!


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