Saturday, August 30, 2008

Making Friends at the Fair!

We went to the Evergreen State Fair on Wednesday. It is a yearly tradition that we all look forward too and we go rain or shine! The kids ride the rides until we cant stand it anymore and then we go look at all of the beautiful animals. I love looking at the chickens and would love to show my Nutsy, but he hates being handled and his spurrs are about three inches long now, so, I just dont think so...

Anyway... I made a new friend. He is a giant Percheron. I watched him for awhile and everyone else was kind of afraid of the big guy and would barely touch him, because of his sheer size, which was very similar to this (No, this isn't him.):

When everyone else had left the area, he looked at me and I asked him how he was doing. I could see the whites around his eyes, marking him unsure. I held my hand out to him and told him it was ok. He sniffed and snuffed at me for a minute while I pet his nose, before closing his eyes. When he opened them again, he had pure friendly trust there. He is a gentle giant. He lowered his head and I scratched his forehead with both hands. He nodded his head up and down and then he began to turn. He rubbed his neck and body along the stall door and that was when I noticed it was open a tiny crack. EEKS! Then he turned his rump to me and I stood on my tip-toes and scratched and scratched for him while he swayed his hips back and forth, further opening the stall door. When it began to open further, I patted his butt and told him to stop. He did and I pulled the door closed. I loved him for a moment longer before we had to go. I found a gentleman who had the horses next door and told him about the stall door. He showed me that the guy had undone the lock and he thanked me and said he would tell the owners. It was funny when he locked the stall again, because my new friend didn't want him relocking the stall and tried to wrestle it out of the man's hands with his lips. I don't know if you know how strong a horses lips are, but you can see my story on Unicorns listed below. They are like elephant trunks. So, the man had to swat his mouth away. We gotta keep the big guy safe!

So, what the heck does this have to do with writing? Everything! It is pure inspiration for a fantasy writer who is married to her knight in shining armor. :)

That was the highlight of my day. That was just pure magick for me. :)
I told my trainer friend about it and she though the same. She said that I had indeed made a new friend. :)

Hope your Saturday brings equal Magick!


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