Monday, September 1, 2008

Magick Monday

The world is silent. Wrapped in a milky mist, ancient tall trees silhouette the horizon, like tall centurions of both leaf and needle. The moist air is pungent with the beginning of autumn. Small chirps and shrill calls echo throughout the forest. As if by some unseen hand, the shroud begins to dissipate. The red apples dotting the trees and rocky monoliths come into view. The shroud tears and blue heavens become visible. The mist swirls with ethereal grace as it reveals more sky. Wild rabbits begin seeking the shelter of the low scrub brush, leaving green trails in the silvery grass. The clouds begin to circle round, gaining ground it had lost and the blue is once again covered in pristine white. Roosters begin to herald the day's beginning. I step inside my little cottage. The warm scent of cinnamon coffee cake radiates from the oven. Eager faces gather around the hearth for hot chocolate and warm cake.

Hope your Monday finds equal Magick.


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