Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why Mr Pitt?

A good question I ask myself!
If I would have been choosing characters that inspire stories based on what moves me, Brad Pitt wouldn't have made my list awhile ago. BUT... Things change. People change and now I see him in a total new light. No, I haven't met him and no, I don't swoon and croon after him. He's a human being for crying out loud! But the fact is, he has done alot of very VERY good things and I think it took being with the right woman that brought it out in him. True, maybe he did good things before Angelina, but, I think it took the two of them as partners to really shine and help people who were, and are, less fortunate then they are.
I think the best fashion statement he makes is when he is in regular clothes, with his children on him. Beautiful! Of course having Angelina Jolie on his arm is the biggest gem of all. They all look extrodinarily happy. You can very plainly see it isn't a publicity smile that's just there for the paporatzi. It is genuine because it is in their eyes.
In my opinion, I think NOW Brad Pitt is very sexy and handsome, simply because of what he has become. That's what living life is. It's all about the journey to the mountain top. Both parents look tired. That's good! They should! It means they are being parents to their children!
So, why am I including his likeness in an erotic romance? Because I believe love and romance and sex are all a very healthy part of who we are as people. I see writing erotic romance the way I see a beatiful rose bush. There are the stalks and vines that are the basic plot of the story. There is the relationship, the 'coloring in', that is the leaves that feed the plot and then the flowers are the lovescenes. They bring the joy and essence to it all and give life to the story.

Anyway, that is my reasons for choosing Mr. Pitt. I think his journey up the path to the mountain top is very inspiring to me today!

Happy Wednesday!

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