Monday, September 15, 2008

Girl Pirates Rule...

Well, this is my inspiration for the first book of my Girl Pirate trilogy. That's right. Amy Lee from Evanescence. She is the perfect image for my heroine. My brain has wrapped around Mr. Brad Pitt from when he did the movie Troy.

So, if you enjoy seeing what inspires me making it's appearance, then please stay tuned. I've collected lots more and AND I have two other books that I have found equally delicious photos to light up my prose each day!
I will be releasing the title of both book and series when I complete the first installment. I already have everything set up and the first book is nearly complete already, so you won't have long to wait!

Have a Magick Monday!

1 comment:

lainey bancroft said...

Neat. I envy you the ability to make it so visual. I just can't. Any time I try it sets me back.

p.s, tagged you on my blog if you're looking for something to blather, er, blog about.

P.s 2 WTG for getting that agent query out there. Fingers crossed!!!