Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun Blog!

Today Denyse Bridger has Lainey Bancroft guest blogging. She has the best topic up about falling in love with the characters you write. Guilty as charged. If you have a moment, sneak over and have a peek!

Have a great Friday Eve!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shake the Blanket

Yesterday, I dug into edits. After reading the first page, I realized this is going to take more time then I want to put into it at the moment. See, I have a trilogy nearly finished, a Merman story half written and serious notes on a fantasy with some chapters written. I want to finish those and do a complete rewrite of Gatekeepers. That way I don't have angry character voices in my head yelling because I put one that needs so much work ahead of them! lol... I laugh, but I know I will be kept awake if I do that.

I've already been going over the girl pirate fantasy I started writing the beginning last summer, before the distraction of Eden at Twilight. I am going to finish this project next. I believe each of the 3 books will stay novella in size. I say that and then they blossom into novels. Eh, thats ok. I love to be descriptive and consume my readers as much as possible. After all, what fun is reading if you can't escape into their world?? huh HUH?? I know I hate dry, mundane reading. I need good descriptive action. I don't believe in those lulls in the story. Boring!!

Well, since I dont post any details about my projects (its bad luck), I'm going to get busy!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Saturday, April 19, 2008


Buried at

I have this posted over on MySpace, but it is such an inspiration and I'm a visual person. This picture is an exact likeness of one of the scenes in the novel I'm about to dive into and re-edit. It's simply gorgeous in my opinion.

This story is importaint to me, why? Because it is my first and I am an over obsessive driven individual. But more then that I've been told by my editors that the story is very good. The writing just needs some work. So, I've set it aside, written two more books to gain knowledge and practice and now, I'm diving back into it.
I love this story, and I think it has so many redeeming qualities that I'm rolling up my sleeves and going to go for it. Only now, I'm armed with some editing skills and understand some of what is broken and needs fixing in the writing. I also understand this baby is going to need some hard work.
One of the first things I'm doing is changing the title. I need to preverbially shake the blanket and start new.

So, that is what I will be working on today, and for the next several weeks!

Happy Saturday!


Friday, April 18, 2008


This is a lovely picture I found, it represents the character in my novel, Leaf, pretty well!

Done, finished, kaput. I've officially finished my newest novel, titled Eden at Twilight, and it's in the capable hands of my Crit partner. Rough it up, Christine, give it what for. See? I guess I am a sadist. hehe I'm just happy to have it off my plate and finished. It's nice to have another pair of capable eyes go over it.
I am my own worst critic, I think when I switch gears from writer to reader/critic I'm pretty picky, but, its so nice to have those extra eyes!

Thank you Christine!

Now to start the synopsis and such, which I will post when I'm finished. I don't mind writing them! Actually I like the challenge of finding those high points and fitting them into a thimble. It's a great challenge! : )

Happy Friday!