Friday, April 18, 2008


This is a lovely picture I found, it represents the character in my novel, Leaf, pretty well!

Done, finished, kaput. I've officially finished my newest novel, titled Eden at Twilight, and it's in the capable hands of my Crit partner. Rough it up, Christine, give it what for. See? I guess I am a sadist. hehe I'm just happy to have it off my plate and finished. It's nice to have another pair of capable eyes go over it.
I am my own worst critic, I think when I switch gears from writer to reader/critic I'm pretty picky, but, its so nice to have those extra eyes!

Thank you Christine!

Now to start the synopsis and such, which I will post when I'm finished. I don't mind writing them! Actually I like the challenge of finding those high points and fitting them into a thimble. It's a great challenge! : )

Happy Friday!


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