Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sunday Snippet, on a Tuesday

So, I thought I was going to share a snippet on Sunday, but forgot. So, I'll share it here now.

This is just insurance to reassure you that yes, I am working on Honour's Price, the next book after Blood's Price...

It was Sleeping Fox who roused first and released her grasp on his hands. They lay side by side, their bodies still joined. She slid her fingertips over his features and through his loose hair, brushing the errant strands from his blinking eyes. She was the first thing his vision took in, and he saw the love and concern in her soft gaze.
Did I hurt you?” she whispered, tucking her arms in between the warmth of their bodies.
No,” he kept his murmur as soft as hers and then smiled for the first time in a very long while. “No more than I deserved, anyway.”
She smiled warm and light, softening and smoothing the stressed features he knew were his fault. “Well, if you would like, I can arrange for you to be reprimanded more in this way, if it would help you feel better punished.”
He felt lightness in his heart and spirit return, and couldn’t help the chuckle. “I think I’d love to have you punish me more like this.” He propped himself up on one elbow, slid his hand down the length of her back and hip, drawing her closer. “Matter of a fact, I think your punishing has healed me.” He was hard again, and pressed against her. Using his weight to press her back, he slid deep and sighed with pleasure when she opened to him, inviting.
You’re not strong enough yet.” She hissed.

I’m better than I have been in a long while.” He smoothed the worry from her skin and kissed a new forming protest from her lips, cupping her bottom, he thrust a little deeper, a little stronger. The worry in Sleeping Fox’s eyes and expression smoothed and was replaced by molten desire. He kissed her, long and deep, trailing his lips over her face, her jaw, her throat. “You see, I have a lot of making up to do. I’ve made my mate suffer and I intend to repay where I’ve wronged.” His lips found hers again, and her fingers grasped tightly to his back, kneading the muscle, and he knew from the stuttering sigh, and pulse of her body, that he had claimed her once again, just as she had claimed to him. 

                                                   Have a great day!!