Saturday, January 30, 2010

Horse Tales!

Today's Critter Tale is about Miss Passion...

Yes, the Passion that has broken into the house, I have photos of this one. The Passion that ran through her fence and skidded to a halt in the barn, making it stink like burned metal, all because she thought she was missing something... *sigh* Yes, the Passion that has left hoof marks on the hood of Lee's car, because she wanted a ride (not moving of course and she was just a baby)...

There are many words I have heard used to describe this young lady, but my favorite ones are clever, mischievious, funny, naughty and tease! Oh, can she work the barn! lol I think, no, I know her favorite past time is to tease the other horses. She is still very young, five years old, I believe, and nothing gives her more pleasure than to antagonize the geldings. Now, she loves them, but is the bratty little sister and here is where my story takes off.

We have a newer Fox Trotter named Buddy. He's been with us for nearly a year now, so he knows Passion pretty well, as they are stall neighbors. Passion has proven to Buddy that she is a tease and when I was there, I didn't realize I was being played until my friend pointed it out to me.

Everyone in the barn gets a little grain, be it a handful or a scoopful, just to keep the peace. Buddy gets more than Passion does, because we are getting him a little heftier and Passion gets less for the very opposite reason, eh-hem.
My friend, Lee was in Buddy's stall hugging, kissing and loving on Buddy and I was doing the same with Passion. Her attention seemed divided between loving on me and her grain bucket, so I picked it up and held it one handed while scratching her. Even though it was completely empty and clean, she was still licking it, and going through the motions of chewing with her eyes closed and rubbing her head on me.

When Lee had left the stall, Buddy came over, put his ears back and watched her. Passion lifted her head and put her ears back and put her nose through the fence. Of course they nipped at each other a little and then Passion went back to licking her bucket and rubbing on me and chewing like she had a mouth full of something, of course she had nothing. I  thought it was her just playing games and was scratching her forhead and forelock and ears. She was diggin this... a lot. When Buddy did it again, she turned her head to the side and put her ears back again, with me telling both of them to knock it off.

Lee just laughed and asked me if I knew what they were doing. I told her that I thought Passion was teasing Buddy as usual. Lee said yes, she is, BUT, she has you and the bucket and she is pretending to chew grain so that Buddy will get upset, thinking she has more than he does.
Well, of course that makes me just laugh, how naughty can you be? I took the bucket away and smoothed things over with both of them. Passion can be such a stinker, but you know what? She is the gentlest little mare and loves affection. She has only known Lee as an owner and so she is spoiled rotten and her gentle nature shows she has been loved to the core! This is a photo my daughter took of the two of us. It even brings tears to Lee's eyes to see it. Because she is a lover by nature, even if she is naughty. :)

Here are a couple of photos of my project. She is a little mare named Jasmine. She stands 14 hands, yes, I'm short! and she is a very gentle and quiet natured arabian, which I find unusual! I just love the shape of her head and her pointy ears. My daughter says she is a unicorn, totally. I can see an Elf or Pixie riding her. She is very feminine and dainty and we get along well! I'm just hoping to gain her trust and friendship too. :)

Have a great Saturday!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

The joy of research

I have been researching the heck out of the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu for a project I have been working on, and I'll tell ya, it has been a journey all its own. But a true labor of love.

When I started this project, I had visually fallen in love with Machu Picchu. These stone ruins that stand in such symetrical perfection, amidst a sea of green grass intrigued me to no end. And of course, that never ending question: Why?
 After hundreds of years, the stonework is still so tight, with no masonry, that you cannot slip a piece of paper between them. To me that is unbelievable. The feats these people managed, that not even our modern equipment could do now adays, is beyond me. I am very pleased to know that the Peruvian government has taken extra, and strict, steps to ensure its beauty remains. Now, if only they could pay the Porters more! Those guys are unbelievable and get paid very little, and yet they are always smiling and generous with themselves. I read one of them is a Futballer and uses his job as a Porter for training purposes. I think that would suffice! lol
In the first photo below, you will see a trail running midway through the mountain. That is the Inca trail and if you look close, those are the people on it. It's very challenging as there are many MANY stairs that the Inca built those many hundreds of years ago.

Just imagine traversing these stairs, stepping in the same steps that the Inca trod centuries ago. They have been worn smooth over time from so much use, and it just gives me goosebumps to think of it that way.

This is the link of the photographer who took these and many more beautiful shots, I've posted. They just struck a chord and I had to post something about what I am working on and why I loved it. Of course, here is the final outcome to the whole journey.

If only these mountains and stones could talk. Imagine the tale they could tell!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

YouTube Tuesday

Thought I forgot, didn't ya... lol!! HA!

My kids have been playing Guitar Hero for awhile now and one of Poison's songs came on. It brought me the biggest smile because they are one of my favorites! Bret Michaels, need I say more?? I love his dancing in this one and it just brings back those rowdy times of being a kid in the '80's. When you could do things that were fun and not get arrested! hehehehe One of my favorite memories: Putting eyeliner on my brother, because he asked me too. hehe
I still have ticket stubs from concerts that cost between ten and twenty dollars! CD players weren't out until later, and very expensive, so we just went to see the real deal! Those were the days!!

Oh and just in case, Bret Michaels...



Yea  for the '80's! lol
We won't say where Colleen fit into all of this, but I had a great time for the most part! No regrets, baby!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bitten By Books 5 Tomb Review

This book grabbed my interest from the very beginning and held it throughout. Different times, different places, magical gardens…everything was clearly described and easy to imagine. I could easily relate to Lily’s state of exhaustion, as can most women, and unfortunately, the abusive boyfriend is a reality for many as well. Leaf’s willingness to do anything necessary to defend and protect Lily is a wonderful contrast and exactly what she needed. The characters were well developed, and I enjoyed watching Lily’s journey towards trust and Leaf’s towards vulnerability. This was a great story and one I definitely recommend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YouTube Tuesday!

Today it's all about the music!
Heart is my very favoritest group singing my favoritest song! I'm proud we are from the same area, it kind of makes me feel just that much closer to them. :) I discovered them in highschool and find everything about their music inspiring. This is my favorite version of the many ways Ann and Nancy have performed it over the years.

I think the video is off on this a little, but the music is spot on, so just close your eyes, open your heart and listen.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Magick Monday!!

Whenever I see this picture, it gives me goosebumps!

(The caption beneath reads this: Where in the wide world can man find nobility without pride, friendship without envy, or beauty without vanity? Here where grace is laced with muscle and strength by gentleness confined.
~Ronald Duncan)

And this one too... :)

That is my magick for today. It is cold and raining out and these images just evoke a sunny warmth that is magic. The caption was half the reason I chose this photo. It just polishes it completely!

Hope you find Magick in your day too!

PS: My friend Denyse has a special blogger today, if you have a moment, stop by and leave a note! :)

GUEST: Kim Smith is the hostess with the mostest for the popular radio show, Introducing WRITERS! on Blog Talk Radio. Her show http://www.blogtalk kims has been hailed as the most fun, most relaxing, and best show for an author to let their hair down and talk shop. She is also the author of the zany, Shannon Wallace mystery series available now from Red Rose Publishing, and many romances short and long.

BLOG: http://fantasy- pages.blogspot. com

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Magick Monday!!

Today I'm over at Tir's place! She posted a lovely interview we did together! Pop by if you have a chance! :)

That's for Tir. :)

Have a Magick Monday!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Buddy Tails...

Meet Buddy...
He's my smart assed little dog who knows a little too much.
He is one of these typical terriers that I swore would not "go to the dogs" and he hasn't. I work with him 24/7 and his is everything I want in a little dog. Not to mention that he has to be the funniest little character ever! SO... My story for this fine evening is this:

Whenever anyone in this household goes anywhere, he stresses until they come home. Now, if I'm home, he will usually just sleep until the missing party has returned. After days of not seeing their friends, my kids went up the road to see the neighbor kids and after dark, I drive down to get them, because we have Wildthings that lurk in the dark forests around my house, bobcats, cougars, coyotes and bear all are local residents here, so a car ride is in order after dark. Naturally when we all come in, Buddy goes ballistic. He's a good boy though, he doesn't bark. He uses his indoor voice which is more like a cough. But as soon as he settles down, and everyone has returned to their normal activities, he goes for his bone. Now today, I did my favorite activity. I ripped down that Yule tree and stuffed it in it's box, then cleaned, polished and moved everything around to give it that clean fresh feel. Buddy's bedroom (which is a large crate), and his sacred ground was moved back to it's original place and his toybox (yes, the dog has more toys then the kids!) next to it, but on a different side. I put my barn coat and shopping bags on top of it, not even thinking about it.
After everyone has settled in to their own projects, I keep hearing his bedroom door clanking and him going behind the recliner. His face is a disaster and he is looking at me like, "what kind of dumb ass did this?" He is clearly frustrated and then I realize he wants his toys out. So I laugh and move his toy box out to where it goes and he instantly goes for his bone, which is as long as he is. He drags it out and sniffs it like a fine cigar, then licks it and starts in on it. I have so many funny animal stories, I have decided to start writing them all down. So check back periodically and see what the crazy critters that own me are up too! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hope 2010 holds Magick for everyone!
Wishing you all success in the new year!