Saturday, January 2, 2010

Buddy Tails...

Meet Buddy...
He's my smart assed little dog who knows a little too much.
He is one of these typical terriers that I swore would not "go to the dogs" and he hasn't. I work with him 24/7 and his is everything I want in a little dog. Not to mention that he has to be the funniest little character ever! SO... My story for this fine evening is this:

Whenever anyone in this household goes anywhere, he stresses until they come home. Now, if I'm home, he will usually just sleep until the missing party has returned. After days of not seeing their friends, my kids went up the road to see the neighbor kids and after dark, I drive down to get them, because we have Wildthings that lurk in the dark forests around my house, bobcats, cougars, coyotes and bear all are local residents here, so a car ride is in order after dark. Naturally when we all come in, Buddy goes ballistic. He's a good boy though, he doesn't bark. He uses his indoor voice which is more like a cough. But as soon as he settles down, and everyone has returned to their normal activities, he goes for his bone. Now today, I did my favorite activity. I ripped down that Yule tree and stuffed it in it's box, then cleaned, polished and moved everything around to give it that clean fresh feel. Buddy's bedroom (which is a large crate), and his sacred ground was moved back to it's original place and his toybox (yes, the dog has more toys then the kids!) next to it, but on a different side. I put my barn coat and shopping bags on top of it, not even thinking about it.
After everyone has settled in to their own projects, I keep hearing his bedroom door clanking and him going behind the recliner. His face is a disaster and he is looking at me like, "what kind of dumb ass did this?" He is clearly frustrated and then I realize he wants his toys out. So I laugh and move his toy box out to where it goes and he instantly goes for his bone, which is as long as he is. He drags it out and sniffs it like a fine cigar, then licks it and starts in on it. I have so many funny animal stories, I have decided to start writing them all down. So check back periodically and see what the crazy critters that own me are up too! :)


Hywela Lyn said...

What a cute little dog - and a great story.

I have an adopted 'rescue' a Jack Russell, who is very similar to Buddy in many respects. He hates it when my husband and I have to go out and leave him, and although he doesn't mind my husband going out by himself too much, he gets very strussed if I have to go out. My husband says he always knows where I am as Bouncer will lie outside whichever room I'm in, as if he's guarding me. (Or perhaps stopping me from escaping!) He also has a large box of toys, like Buddy, and his favourite toys are the ones that squeek!

Colleen Love said...

Aren't animals just amazing!

My little guy does that very same thing! I love getting the nose sniffing under the bathroom door when it's closed. hehe Or when he throws the ball for himself, and then it hits him in the head. hehe Poor little guy... He as barbells that squeak and he looooves them too, and this little shoe... Ugh, don't get started on the shoe!! lol

Thank you for stopping by! I love hearing about our four-legged fur babies!