Tuesday, January 19, 2010

YouTube Tuesday

Thought I forgot, didn't ya... lol!! HA!

My kids have been playing Guitar Hero for awhile now and one of Poison's songs came on. It brought me the biggest smile because they are one of my favorites! Bret Michaels, need I say more?? I love his dancing in this one and it just brings back those rowdy times of being a kid in the '80's. When you could do things that were fun and not get arrested! hehehehe One of my favorite memories: Putting eyeliner on my brother, because he asked me too. hehe
I still have ticket stubs from concerts that cost between ten and twenty dollars! CD players weren't out until later, and very expensive, so we just went to see the real deal! Those were the days!!

Oh and just in case, Bret Michaels...



Yea  for the '80's! lol
We won't say where Colleen fit into all of this, but I had a great time for the most part! No regrets, baby!


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