Monday, January 11, 2010

Magick Monday!!

Whenever I see this picture, it gives me goosebumps!

(The caption beneath reads this: Where in the wide world can man find nobility without pride, friendship without envy, or beauty without vanity? Here where grace is laced with muscle and strength by gentleness confined.
~Ronald Duncan)

And this one too... :)

That is my magick for today. It is cold and raining out and these images just evoke a sunny warmth that is magic. The caption was half the reason I chose this photo. It just polishes it completely!

Hope you find Magick in your day too!

PS: My friend Denyse has a special blogger today, if you have a moment, stop by and leave a note! :)

GUEST: Kim Smith is the hostess with the mostest for the popular radio show, Introducing WRITERS! on Blog Talk Radio. Her show http://www.blogtalk kims has been hailed as the most fun, most relaxing, and best show for an author to let their hair down and talk shop. She is also the author of the zany, Shannon Wallace mystery series available now from Red Rose Publishing, and many romances short and long.

BLOG: http://fantasy- pages.blogspot. com

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