Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday's Lesson

It has been a very weird and sad weekend here.

My elderly neighbor, who is the sweetest human being on this planet, came and told us to watch our dog. Apparently, someone killed and skinned a big, beautiful dog and left the skin on his front porch! He is just devistated, and wondering why someone would do this. It wasn't his dog, and he did call the police.

Friday night, a helicopter was hovering for hours over the woods/creek across the street. We knew there was something very wrong going on. Then yesterday morning, the State Patrol Water Rescue and about half-dozen other police vehicles were coming out of the open gate leading down there. I asked one of the divers if someone fell in, and he said, yeah. I asked if they were okay, and he just said welllll. I said Ah, never mind. And he said he couldn't give any info. I told him no worries, I understood, I wasn't meaning to pry.

Found out later on the news that it was an 81 year old fisherman went missing, his wife called Friday afternoon and they looked for him all night. He didn't make it. It's very very sad. We are trying to figure out why he would do that. There aren't any fish in the creek right now, that I know of. He must have been just needing to get out of the house, or something. It's very sad!!

So... That's been my weekend thus far! The lesson I've learned?? Life is a rare and precious gift. Enjoy every moment of it!