Sunday, August 29, 2010

Viggo Vid

Just because:

Colleen's Critters

So my friend, Lee, hurt her back again on someone else's horse, so I've been taking over barn duties and awol. The poor thing can't even move to answer her phone half the time.

My Passion was so upset about being moved from the barn out to pasture for a few days, that she quit eating and drinking. One of the other mares got between the hot fence and the barbed wire, very early this morning, so Lee had to haul her sore hiny out there to disentangle her. She called me a little later this morning and asked me to bring Passion back to the barn bacause she was on the verge of colic (to which the other mare threw a fit at being left). So, after bringing her back, Passion instantly ate, drank and nuzzled. She was content again. I've read where horses will do this because the water smells different. If you take one to a show and don't haul your own water, they will often quit drinking and become dehydrated. So, a nifty trick is to use koolaid to scent the water. BUT this time, it was the color of the bins. These horses won't drink from a pink or yellow container, or whatever other one they decide is yucky. Eat yes, but drink no.

Then there's Curly, my little Hudini Pony, has been up to her tricks. She came running home a couple of nights ago and ...

Oops! Barn Call! LOL (Had to put the fence back up after Lee managed to get into the truck to get hay. The horses need very spacific hay and feed, or they simply won't eat it. These are all male, so I think you get the idea how pickiness runs in the male species. lol)

... tried to get cozy with the Stallion. Uhh, no can do! So, Lee finally was able to get a little pony proof pen for her! lol One of the neighbors is leasing their alpaca pen to us. hehe It's perfect for her and she is actually quite content in there with Maylee, a small red horse. SO... I'm tired...

Yesterday, I did manage to make bread, which came out nicely!

Jeez, it took me over an hour to write this!! lol

I'm going to attempt to do a little writing before starting dinner now. What a day, and it's not over with yet!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Rare Family Photo

Today was my MIL's birthday, so I had a rare opportunity to have a photo taken of our family. :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jon Paul's portrait just reminded me so much of my daughter, I had to share them side by side.