Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shake the Blanket

Yesterday, I dug into edits. After reading the first page, I realized this is going to take more time then I want to put into it at the moment. See, I have a trilogy nearly finished, a Merman story half written and serious notes on a fantasy with some chapters written. I want to finish those and do a complete rewrite of Gatekeepers. That way I don't have angry character voices in my head yelling because I put one that needs so much work ahead of them! lol... I laugh, but I know I will be kept awake if I do that.

I've already been going over the girl pirate fantasy I started writing the beginning last summer, before the distraction of Eden at Twilight. I am going to finish this project next. I believe each of the 3 books will stay novella in size. I say that and then they blossom into novels. Eh, thats ok. I love to be descriptive and consume my readers as much as possible. After all, what fun is reading if you can't escape into their world?? huh HUH?? I know I hate dry, mundane reading. I need good descriptive action. I don't believe in those lulls in the story. Boring!!

Well, since I dont post any details about my projects (its bad luck), I'm going to get busy!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


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