Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Inevitable Death

Yesterday afternoon, I found my mama guinea pig dead. It's never easy to deal with the death of anything you love. She was a good little mama pig. In this photo, she is the piggy on the right. The white one outside the pen passed away last year. Good old Freddy.
While my two young children are saddened by it, death isn't something we view as the end of all ends. In fact, the way we believe, it is a beginning to something new. An adventure into a new and unknown life. Maybe they will be back to finish something in a different form. Something along the Buddist line. Or maybe they are done here and continue on to the Summerland where she will meet up with Freddy. I don't know, thus the adventure.

I have a Hawaiian Sister-in-law, who told me something so comforting once, I thought I'd share that too. She was taught, every person has a certian amount of time they have to spend in this world. When a child or baby dies, it means they didn't have to endure this life before passing on to something bigger and better.
So, of course my question for her was, If you live to be old here, is that a punishment?
She says no. It means there were lessons to be learned before you can pass on to the next life. There may be things that need to be finished on your journey to the mountaintop. I like that. I like that alot.
I also have a very good friend who lost an infant to a very rare disease. She has been heartbroken ever since, and rightfully so. People had been cruel to her, telling her she had done something bad and brought this onto herself, somehow. I told her this theory, my theory, and she thought long and hard about it. She said it made so much more sense to her and brought her the peace she needed.

So, while we say good-bye to Teddy, we also wish her a good journey.

Blessed Be



Laurie D. said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Colleen, but I admire your spirit and philosphy - a great lesson for us all.

Thanks for sharing.

Denysé said...

This is sad and beautiful, Colleen. Very much like life, which has a tendancy to give us both, but always with a lesson to learn....