Friday, December 7, 2007

New review for Autumn Windsong

Review for Autumn Windsong
The Long and Short of it
Review by: Snapdragon
Rating: 4/5
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Colleen Love's Autumn Windsong is a delightful contemporary romance, with its roots firmly in an undoubtably magical past. The story presents a strong and believable sense of a Native American otherworld existing in unison with comtemporary life. Characters and setting both take on something of a dual nature, sharing a hint of that mythological world.

For Alita Wickstrom, contemporary life is far from nine-to-five usual. She is an Alaskan dog musher and has a powerful connection to the natural world of Alaska. She also enjoys and relies on her dogs. She is an altogether admirable female character. Her Beau seems equally admirable, and the reader is positively on their side from the first moment they meet. Beau, who is both a park ranger and something more, percieves the threat that hangs over them both.

The lovely setting, small details like caring for her dogsled team after a run, or the meeting of the two deer, all at a wonderful feel-as-if you were there quality to this hauntingly delightful work. Love is presented as timeless, as well as endless. A very engaging tale.

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