Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Day After

Ahh the morning after... the kids are in cataloging their new candy stash. They keep track of it all because Mr. C will be in raiding their stash. They have already had to pay, one piece each, for the ride out trick-or-treating. lol And not the mamby-pamby stuff either. We are talking valuable, cold not-so-hard chocolate. :) Daughter dressed as a princess and son as a knight. I found strange humor in the fact that the knight wore his breastplate, wielded with his candy bag, while his Mom held his shield and sword at the gate. hehe Can you just see every knight going off to battle doing that?? hehe

On the serious side, how do we celebrate one of the most important pagan holidays, Samhain? For the most part, we treat the day as special. We talk about relatives, grandparents mostly, that have passed on. It is their day to be remembered. I always keep my grandparents close to me. My Grandfather especially. But it isn't a sad time. I feel them around all the time and I am glad they are all together on the other side. Maybe even celebrating their time in the Summerland.

I hope your holiday was safe and you found some joy in your day, whether you celebrate or not. Are there Halloween traditions in your part of the world? Or a day you celebrate your ancestors that have passed on?


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Shelley Munro said...

Good on Mr. C! I'd definitely charge chocolate for services rendered. ;)