Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Beginnings

I just needed to post some inspiration this morning. This story is about as traditional, high fantasy as you can get. So, I will be posting lots of knights, horses and beautiful poetic pictures that pull the romantic strings of my heart. If you do not care for such things, now might be the time to check out, because it's going to get deep in here. :) Promise...

As this year is drawing to it's end, there is a definate feeling of change. Yesterday seemed to be a pivoting point, literally. It started in the morning with a call from a very close friend. It has been a very rough year on her and she was rewarded in a huge way. I am hoping it all follows through and comes full circle for her, but she found one of her stallions daughters. It was a very blissfully emotional day for her. Everyone of his offspring was like one of her own, so when she was able to see one of her students buy her from another, she was in tears.

I believe Blood's Price has found a home and I couldn't be happier with it. It has brought a nice sense of finality, accomplishment and just plain joy to my heart. This was a story that came from the heart and I'm glad it has a home, where I'm sure many more stories will go to as well.

So, off I go to befriend the dragons and charm the Wee Folk.


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