Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ahhh, Sunday...

Boy, yesterday was quite the way to celebrate a birthday, I tell ya!! High winds were topped off with snow by the time I finished my grocery shopping for the week. When we got up this morning, there was six inches of snow! Needless to say, my little dog and kids had a great time playing in it. Best of all? We kept our power on through it all. Lately, if the wind even kicks up past a breeze, we scurry around to prepare for the electricity to go out.
Now, when I was a kid, we didn't have running water or eletricity, so it is just a second nature to know what to do. But when your whole house relies on electricity, it's different, and in cold weather, frightening(thankfully we have a generator!). To be completely honest, I would go back to living 'off the grid' in a heartbeat if I could.
We are big fans of Survivor Man and recently he did a special on how he and his family have just remade an old carriage house, on 150 or so acres. They are now off the grid and his whole mission on the aspect of creating this place was to prove you could do it for a lot less then what many of these companies are claiming people have to pay. lol I think my family did it in less then what he did it for, but then we had NO power. None, zip, zilch, nada. He had solar and I love that idea and hope to live that way someday. :)

As for today, I am happy to have everyone content and happy. The smell of chicken and dumplings cooking in the slowcooker and the snow outside. It just creates that wonderful, cozy feeling of Sunday that I love.

I hope your Sunday has equal magic!



lainey bancroft said...

Happy belated birthday, Ms C!

We didn't have snow, but plenty of freezing rain and wind.

Gas is absolutely determined to buy a chunk of land and build so we live off the grid. I'd be game.

Colleen Love said...

Hi Lainey!!

Thank you so much for the birthday wish! :)

Our storm is supposed to be ending sometime Monday evening. You can be sure we will be celebrating spring when it decides to come! :)

You know, I have some of the best memories and fun times from living simple like that. I had ten acres to wander and it was simply magic! :)

Thanks for stopping by!