Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome Remmy Duchene!!

(Welcome Remmy! You can misbehave all you like, I highly encourage it. Ask anyone around, I'm at my best when I'm being naughty. Have a great time! It sounds like you've got a great thing going on!)


So today I am crashing Colleen Love's place. She's a brave woman letting me in, because well, I tend to carry trouble with me no matter where I go so let see if I can behave myself today (lol). But seriously, thanks Colleen for letting me chill at your place for a bit.

My name is Remmy Duchene and I write gay romance & erotica. I have several titles out with a few different houses (though I am desperately trying to settle down with a few houses). My latest release is titled REDEMPTION and is now with Loose ID. Before that I had SADDLE UP N RIDE! with Phaze. I have CARIBBEAN HEAT and ALL HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS with Red Rose Publishing. With Dreamspinner press I have THE CALDWELL EFFECT, FOR YOUR LOVE and was a part of the Sandols and Sodomy anthology with my short HADRIAN. I was fortunate enough to write with the talented and wonderful John Simpson (http://johnsimpsonbooks.com) on a title close to my heart THE ORCHID MURDERS (Thanks for those who made it a best seller at eXtasy books!). I was also fortunate enough to be a best selling author of 2009 with Phaze so it was a great year. And last but certainly not least, I have a titled with a great friend: RIPPED APART (Cauthored by Lee Owens (http://leeowensromance.blogspot.com) that is now available at Red Eclipse Writers on lulu.com

Today I wish to write today about a couple of things one is the reality within the pages of gay romance/erotica and two, culture within my writing.

I write a little bit of both (romance & erotica). Someone asked me a few days ago why don't I write about gay men getting bashed because of who they are and all that drama. Well let me set the record straight right now. I want my writing to be an escapism kind of deal and I also would like people to take something good from my writing. Gay bashing is not something a person would like to escape into--know what I mean? I want a person to--if they had a bad day, to go home, pick up a Remmy title and sigh as they drift gently into a rather happier place for a bit.

Sure, bad things happens in some of my stories because it wouldn't be a good tale without it--but I don't want to add fuel to the fire of putting someone down. I don't tolerate it in my real life and feel horrible if I make someone feel like dirt because of my writing. Whenever there is any form of gay bashing in my works, I make sure I address it.

The second thing I wish to talk about is culture within the pages of my work. I prize myself in writing interracial gay romance/erotica. Why? Well, because I think culture is important no matter who you sleep with and love is love. I've had one hate mail from some ass on Myspace asking me why I had to pull black men into my 'deviances' and I remember laughing so hard I was rolling on the ground with tears pooling down my face (no foolin! I laughed so hard that the next day my ribs were sore.) Here's the deal, most of the gay friends that I have personally (*waves* Hi Zazo and Lee!) are black men. So I'm not pulling anyone into anything. Anyways, I adore mixing cultures. I love the way they come together, they way they love and speak to each other. I love seeing conflict arise because on person is afraid that the other for a different culture wouldn't be interested and the growth they do once they do fall for each other. It's a beautiful thing to watch two people fall in love.

My latest contract is titled CAGE FIGHTER'S SALVATION. I can't give you an excerpt yet because it has to edited first as per my publisher's guidelines but here's a blurb:

All his life, ex-marine, Tadashi Tsubasa has had to fight for everything. After he retires from the Marines, he comes home to find that his lover had fled town with his bank account and his home was repossessed by the bank. His world is plunged into a dark world that he tries to dig himself out of but homeless, alone and depressed, he figures that for once, he cannot fight his way back. When he recieves an invitation to take part in some kind of underground fighting league, he figures he has nothing to lose and fifty thousand dollars to gain. Throwing caution to the wind he takes on this job vowing never to allow any man in again-- ever

Cole Ashton is the head of the Ultimum Gym chain. He hates his job but to be a good boy, he follows in his father's footsteps. When his brother invites him to an illegal cage fight, Cole reluctantly goes and the instant he sees the fighter known only as "Wings" Cole falls hard. The sexy, Japanese fighter made Cole want to give everything up for just one night in the fighter's arms. But as he get to know Tadashi, Cole realises that Tadashi is fighting more than the men in the ring; Tadashi is fighting demons. Right then and there, Cole decides that Tadashi is worth it but how much can one man take?

You can find out more about CAGE FIGHTER'S SALVATION (Coming soon to Red Rose Publishing) by visiting me on the web. You can find me on facebook by searching REMMY DUCHENE. http://remmyduchene.webs.com and follow me at my blog at http://remmyduchene.blogspot.com

Thanks again Colleen for letting me stop by and have a lovely hump day!

Remmy Duchene

Ichi Ai!
Gay Romance Author
Remmy Duchene


Mac said...

Go Remmy! Tell it like it is! I agree that Love is Love no matter who is in love. Too many people live without it just because they are scared of what other people will think. Thanks for sharing this.

Mac M

Lee Owens said...

you just know I had to get in on this right? Ok, here's what I think--I think in today's age it's just stupidity why everyone else is to up in arms about interracial gay love. I mean seriously, we see it every day. Why is it funny on Will and Grace (will and Taye Diggs) but it's all taboo in real life? *Sigh* Keep doin your thing Rem.

Mac said...

I think some people are just hypocritical that way, Lee. But what can you really do sometimes, right? Oh and Rem, when is Cage Fighter's Salvation coming out? I've been waiting for that story for what? A year now?

Gay Romance Author Remmy Duchene said...

oh my! You guys are fast! First, thanks again Colleen for letting me crash here..and me being naughty normally leave the joint smoldering in ash at the end lol...thanks Mac for your comment and Lee we shall speak later?