Friday, January 8, 2016

Estrella Azul Snippet ...

Andre casually withdrew his touch and accepted the menu presented.
Erin looked at it over Andre’s shoulder, leaning close, and the sweet, spicy
scent of him assailed her senses, making her long for his suggestion, even over
·         dinner. The only thing on the menu that looked appealing was a cheeseburger and
fries,  so  she  ordered   that   with   a   Coke.   After   taking   Andre’s order, the flight
attendant left them alone again.
“Why do you leave your coat on, isn’t it uncomfortable?”
“I might take it off in a while, when everyone is sleeping.”
“Oh. Okay. Why do you have to wait?”
Andre leaned close. “I’m wearing my gun, sometimes it upsets people to see
it, and so I just leave my jacket on until the lights are turned down low.”
“How did you get a gun onto the plane?” Erin hissed. “I thought that was a
“My agency has federal clearance, so I’m authorized to carry a weapon any
time, any place, including planes. That’s why they let us stay on board at the
Houston airport.”
“If you have a gun on, why can’t you just go back there and get my purse?”
“Well, think about it. If I went back there like that, what do you think would
Taking a deep breath, Erin let it go. “Never mind.”
“We’ll get it, I promise you.” Andre patted her knee, smiling at her.
Dinner was quick to come and for Erin, her plate was empty almost too
quickly. But at last, she was full. The evening movie held no interest for her and so
she watched out her little window as the sun began to set with pink hues in the
Western sky. Her blinking became longer and longer as her body relaxed.
The   dreams   that   resulted   were   sensually   terrifying.   Titillating  words   of
promise, mixed with Andre’s tantalizing scent provoked feelings of need and desire,
while the haunting reality of being caught in a game of cat and mouse kept the
feeling at bay. It was like an erotic purgatory, making Erin jolt awake bathed in
sweat. Blinking, her eyes focused on what was in front of her. Andre was sound
asleep, he had the thick blanket pulled up over his shoulder; concealing the holster
she knew was there. His bare bicep stretched out, leading over to her body and she
realized the weight pinning her was his arm, wrapped protectively around her. Erin
didn’t dare move for fear Andre would remove it and that was the last thing she
wanted to happen. This was the safest she had felt since all of this crap had begun
and she knew that feeling would end way too soon. There was more to come, she
knew that much, and feared it would not be any better. Looking beyond and across
the aisle, she could see out an adjacent window that it was still very dark out. This
little tube, full of people was cruising through the night sky;  bringing her closer
then she had ever been to the stars.
A sudden jolt and the feeling of going down a deeply rutted road shook them
all out of their security. Erin tried not to scream. Instead, a sound resembling the
squeak of a large mouse, escaped and she clutched her blanket tightly. Andre’s
thick arm coiled tighter around her, dragging her toward him, even as he slid her
·         way, meeting in the middle. Looking freshly woken and a little startled himself,
Andre chuckled, his teeth glowing from the stubble shadowing around his lips.
The loudspeaker crackled to life overhead and the pilot’s voice sounded. “Just
a little turbulence, folks.”
“See there? Nothing to worry about,” Andre soothed.
“I don’t like it,” Erin breathed, clutching the front of his shirt, making
wrinkles in the tightly drawn fabric.
“It will be all right. I’m surprised we haven’t run into it sooner. Denver is
usually terrible about turbulence.”
Swallowing, Erin released the wadded fabric and smoothed it over his warm,
hard chest. Her fingers played over the rigid contours of muscle and a sharply
pebbled nipple making his pecs ripple and flex beneath her fingertips. The pulse in
his throat quickened and Andre’s hand pressed harder to her back as he slid his
palm   upward.   Erin’s   touch   brushed   the   cold,   hard   metal   of   the   gun   handle,
contrasting his soft warmth. Her fingers folded as she quickly pulled her hand away
from him and look up into his dark gaze. Capturing her hand, he raised it to his
lips, kissing where she had touched the weapon.
“What’s the matter?” Andre breathed, placing her palm back to his chest,
pressing it there with his own.
“I don’t like guns.”
“Why not?”
“I’ve seen too often the damage they can do to the human body.”
“But that’s not the gun’s fault, it’s the person behind it that is responsible.”
“Perhaps, but I still don’t like them.”
“That’s fair enough, but it’s my job to carry one to keep us safe.”
“It’s a never ending circle, isn’t it?”
“I’m afraid so.”
Andre’s mesmerizing touch sliding over her back soon made Erin sleepy
enough that she fell back to sleep, tucked beneath the safety of his arm.

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Stacey Navas said...

Another great book from Colleen Love. She brings romance to the pages of her books!!! The story was captivating and kept me engaged. A must read.