Thursday, July 12, 2007

Romance is a funny thing

I just saw this article in People Magazine. From the title of the story, it sounds horrifying, but after reading it, its actually very sweet and James Blunt has my respect for trying to help his sister. Even the add he ran was very sweet and romantic. Obvioulsy the helicopter pilot had something for romance too.

Then again, after thinking about it, havent women historically been sold into marriage? Wouldnt that be considered a Dowry? So, actually, its not that bad at all.

James Blunt Says He 'Sold' His Sister on eBay
THURSDAY JULY 12, 2007 03:50 PM EDT

By Emily Fromm

Emily and James Blunt

Photo by: Z. Tomaszewski / WENN

Celebrities have auctioned off some pretty strange things (Corey Haim's baby teeth, anyone?), but James Blunt tops them all: He sold his sister.

The "You're Beautiful" crooner recalls in British GQ: "I came back to the flat where my sister was staying and she was crying because she couldn't get to a funeral in Ireland. The planes were on strike, the ferry was out of season, and there were no trains."

So he came up with an innovative solution to the problem. "I ended up whacking it on eBay: 'Damsel in distress seeks knight in shining armor! Desperate to get to a funeral in southern Ireland, please help!' The bids flooded in and the guy who won had a helicopter."

And now, the fairy tale has a happily ever after ending: "He flew her to the funeral," Blunt says. "That was three years ago. This summer they're getting married. That was the stupidest thing I've ever sold on eBay – my sister."

A rep for Blunt, 33, tells PEOPLE: "Yes it is true. They just recently got married."

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