Sunday, March 23, 2008

Perfect NW Day!

Well, it is definatly spring time here in the Pacific Northwest. I know this because it has moved from cold rain to warmer rain. :D

Its been a fun Easter morning. We are pagan, so my kids enjoy celebrating the beginning of spring time and Ostara with those fertile little bunnies and chicks! Actually, we don't have rabbits as pets, they are wild ones that visit our yard. My big 'ol mama kitty brought me a baby one, carried proper like a baby kitten, last spring. Luckily it was old enough to be out of the den. We had the pleasure of petting it before letting it go again.

I've been itching to get out in my garden to scratch around a bit, but better sense tells me to wait. Around here, we cannot start gardening until at least Mothers Day. Matter of a fact, I like to think of that as my gift, help in the garden. We are all gardeners in our family, so this is a fun activity for all of us. This year I'm hoping to expand and grow in size a little.

I got the things in the mail Mr. C ordered from Amazon for my birthday yesterday! The Gilded Tarot (I get a new deck for my birthday every year. It's my traditon. :D)
Tarot for the Greenwitch and Grimoire of a Greenwitch. I adore Ann Maura's writing and just feel so at home with her ways and the path she has created. It suits me and I find it inspiring. So, I'm looking forward to digging into that later on today. Well, maybe, if its in the cards, so to speak... lol.

Well, until then, I get to live in my stories. I have edits underway with Eden at Twilight, and have edits to do to another completed novel Gatekeepers of the Mists. Both are Urban Fantasy and I'm looking forward to completing them to get them off my plate, so to speak, and begin some new projects.

Well, happy Ostara everyone!


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