Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Writers life

Things have been interesting to say the least! On the up side, I've finished the rough draft to Eden at Twilight and I'm very pleased with the results! Of course now I have some holes to fill in and things to add, but its become everything I wanted it to be and a novel, not something shorter. I love creating these characters and building the worlds they live in.

It seems like just when life settles down to that well worn path I love so much, (ok, the rut my life runs in that I like) things take a nasty turn. At the beginning of the month it was the refrigerator going out, and now, out of no where the plumbing is acting up. So, the guy has to come out and dig up the septic again...*sigh* I feel bad for the guy. This is one time Im glad I rent!! But what a pain for all involved.

Anyway, such is the life of a writer. You get to do everything but write it seems. Are the forces of nature playing against the progress you want to make, making it more challenging and all the sweeter when you get there? Or is it like this for every one with everything they do?


Malice Blackheart said...

Life is the annoying chore that interrupts you between the pages. One moment you’re writing a sensitive character who’s helping some pathetic unfortunate, and then one of your real life dependants calls for something, and you get annoyed at them.
We like our own story worlds better because there we call the shots. In the real world, we have to explain ourselves to stupid people.
Congrats on finishing your rough draft. It’s a great feeling when you accomplish a really large project like that. And then the feeling goes away quickly when you see how much editing you have to do. Still, there hardest part’s over.

Colleen Love said...

You've hit the nail on the head!

I always picture the rough draft as my "sketch", now I get to go back and color it in, maybe define it a little better. But all in all, yep, the hard part is finished! Yippee!! :D