Sunday, June 7, 2009

Devinely Inspired

Have you ever stepped from your world into a place so different and awe inspiring that it has taken your breath away? Where you trod on paths with silent wonder, afraid the sound of your own brash voice will break the spell that captivates your soul? You turn in slow circles, keeping your eyes upturned to see what celestial being's voice is ringing through the trees and find that you have been gazing heavenward for nearly an hour, for in this realm, time stops and you are claimed by timenessness.

When you do continue on, you move through the forest's magestic inhabitants, their arms outstretched in towering greetings and once again your gaze is drawn up to the lacy canopy of trees, shading you with dappled shade that blocks the summer's scorching heat.

After moving silently over the forest floor, padded by years of accumulated needles, you follow the path to a babbling brook. It's cold, glacial water inviting you to rest your tired feet.

When you resume your journey you find that you face the elders of the forest and gaze up, seeking their ancient councel. If you are still enough and look hard enough, you can see and hear what stories they have to tell.


I am fortunate enough that I have something like this in my own back yard and the words I speak are from my own experiences. These photos are borrowed from the internet, but I have been to this place and find it to be the pinnicle of sacred magick. This is one of the only temprate rain forests left in the world. Stepping within it's realm is to walk among the divine.

We camped at the Hoh Rainforest a few years back and woke up to deer licking our tent, Chipmunks begging for cookies at breakfast and Camprobbers raiding your lunch. Having completely wild animals approach you is a magic all of its own, yet I'm thankful it wasn't bears or cougars, lol.

This is my sanctuary, and what I hold sacred. I hope you have somewhere that holds that much magick for you. :)



Shelley Munro said...

I felt very peaceful while reading your post :)
The photos look beautiful. I felt that way walking through some of the National Parks in America - that's when we were away from the crowds!

Colleen Love said...

Hi Shelley!

Thank you! I love my little getaways. :)
I am so glad you got to visit some of the parks here and hope to someday visit New Zealand! Especially places where they filmed Lord of the Rings!! :)

Kelley said...

Hi Colleen,
What a beautiful place. It looks like this ancient forest in Ireland. I wish I could remember the name. I miss living near forests, but I am going to Flagstaff soon and there are beautiful woodlands up there. Can't wait to smell the scent of pine needles.