Monday, June 22, 2009

NOR Review for Eden at Twilight

Title: Eden at Twilight
Author: Colleen Love
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Futuristic
Hearts: 4/5
Reviewer: Diana Coyle
Date: 6/20/2009

Ms. Love penned an emotionally packed story for her readers to sink their teeth into. I felt bad for Lily because she was anxious and worried all the time about her well-being. When she met Rosemary and Leaf I was hoping they would be able to help her figure things out so she could get on with her life without fear or worry hanging over her all the time. This was definitely a magical story and the author kept me so engrossed throughout the pages. If you’re looking for a great story packed with love, adventure and some magic sprinkled throughout, this is definitely the one to pick up!

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Thank you, Diana! :)

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