Sunday, November 8, 2009

Passion for Fashion and Fashion for Passion

So... Yesterday I was going a little stir crazy and needed to burn off some stress energy. I don't live in an area where I can just hop in the car and go to the mall, and quite frankly, that's not my cup of tea anyway. I did the next best thing and went out to the barn. :) It was in the low 40's and the rain was bucketing down, echoing off the tin roof. After bundling myself up, and stuffing my pockets with apples, I escaped to my sanctuary. Of course Lad, the stallion, gets first dibs. He likes his apple held so he can bite it in half. He chews over your hands so that anything that falls out, can be eaten again. He also likes to lick the juice off my hands, he's not spoiled at all! He is so gentle it's hard to believe he has those hormones that drive the male spiecies. After that, everone gets one and all is well. Usually I stay long enough to spend a little time with everyone and today I decided that I would brush them before we put their blankets on for the night. Of course this is Miss Passion's favorite thing. She absolutely loves to be groomed and fussed over, so I took my time with her, brushing her tail and mane too. One of her many funny quirks is one she has aquired from her daddy, Lad! She will point to where she wants you to scratch, oh boy, she kept me busy! Her favorite place to be scratched is her hind end and if you don't know that, she will greet you, sniff you, maybe even kiss you before it appears she is moving away, only to back up and knock into you, because she wants her hiny scratched. hehe :) She did it to a cop once, but we won't get into that story today. lol Needless to say, he had a good sense of humor about it and obliged her. lol :) Even after the geldings were stealing his pens and glasses and such. lol...

Here is Miss Passion butting into Tanner's photo op. She looooooves costumes, fabrics with different textures and shiny things. Mr. Tanner was not impressed by her rude interuption as you can see here. He is our Schoolmaster and is an amazing horse with an impressive resume as a retired roundup horse.

Passion followed my daughter everywhere, touching her dress and the beads in her headband.

When she finally figured out that it would come off, she took it! So my daughter put it on her ear and she nearly wouldn't let us have it back. She is 15.3 hands at the shoulder, so her head is way the heck up there when she stands tall! :)

Anyway, this is my form of stress relief. It's an amazing thing and they really get it when you are feeling like garbage. Many times I spend time with them when I'm plotting a scene. Daykan was my lead man in Eden at Twilight and Lad starred in one I wrote this spring. I have one planned that Scooter will be my lead in. They all have such distinct personalities that it's a lot of fun to create stories featuring them. :)

I hope your Sunday is restful and your week successful.


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Denysé said...

Colleen, your children are so beautiful they make me cry.... and I really mean that. Your life is truly blessed my lovely friend. Thank you for sharing such wonderful glimpses of your happy and inspiring family.

Love to you,