Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve...

Wow, what a trip this has been!
I went to work on Monday, there were dry roads and just the normal 45 minute commute. Got in, got started, great! One hour later all hell broke loose and I've been reeling ever since. It started snowing and so we tracked it on the weather cams up the freeway to my exit. We weren't supposed to get any snow, but there it was! Wet, frozen white. So, they were happy to let me go home and after an hour and a half commute, I've been there ever since!

This morning, I'm up and trying to get my little dog out, and the 17 degree weather has frozen my door shut, so my poor little dog is standing there shivering, telling me to hurry up! It took awhile, but Mr. C was finally able to get it open. The poor little guy has learned to love his sweater! He brings it to me, I ask if he wants it and he wags his tail. Good enough for me, wish granted.

Yesterday, I was helping out at the barn and had to break one-inch thick ice for them! Then had to haul for Passion and Buddy, what they had was completely frozen! Never has those fuzzy, thankful kisses felt so good! :) Have I mentioned before how much I love them?? hehe Well, today, as is customary, I am paying the price for it. My shoulder and back are very sore! No good deed goes unpunished, does it?
I had a dream the other night, that Scooter came and crawled into my bed, pulled the blankets over his head and held them with his hooves. He was cold and didn't want to get out. I got LeAnn to get him out and she swatted him on the rump and told him to get up. He just gave me that sad look and asked why?
I told LeAnn the dream and she said it's because he wants a warmer blanket and she would put one on him. Of course he followed me around and gave the best fuzzy kisses! :)

I will be so glad to see the rain again. Though I can't ever really recall a time when I'm not glad to see the rain. :)

Have a great Wednesday! I hope you all stay warm and safe on this big holiday travel day!


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