Sunday, April 19, 2009

Horse Tales

Have you ever had an animal touch your heart so deeply, that they can communicate with you? I'm not talking about them standing in front of you with the look of, 'Hey Toots, get over here and scratch the itch I can't reach', I mean something a little more involved, as in psychic abilities. I believe it with all my heart and I will tell you why.

I haven't been up to the barn in a couple of months. We have all been ill with this never-ending bug and it seems as soon as one is finished, the next pounces on your weak immune system. I figured since the horses technically aren't mine, we would be fine to just wait. But I have come to see that perhaps they aren't ours, but we belong to them and the realization of belonging is irrelevant.

The horse in the above picture is named Scooter, he is a Quarter Horse. Since I first saw him he claimed me as his own. I have adored this big guy for so many reasons, his beauty alone wins my heart. But he is so much more. He is a survivor. My friend rescued him and he was only half the size he is now. He was starving to death and someone brought him to her and she healed him, nourished him and loved him. In return, he has learned to trust again, well, all except those who hurt him to begin with.

Last week, I had a dream about him. I figured it was one of those dreams induced by illness and missing going up to the barn. I put it aside and moved on. Well, yesterday, my girlfriend called me and asked if I could come up, she was getting a new horse and she wanted me there to share the excitement. After all was said and done, we went out to the south pasture to see the boys (three geldings). Scooter is one of them. When he saw my daughter and I, he stretched out his neck and started chortling deep in his throat. He singled me out and made sure the other two didn't get close to him or me and started pointing to where he needed attention. Indeed, places he couldn't scratch. He shivered and shuddered with such pleasure I thought he was having a siezure and was going to turn inside out. And you have to watch it because he will forget you aren't another horse and chomp your hiney. Luckily, Daycon was right there and he nibbled on him for awhile. When we finally had to go, he was really bummed out. He wanted us to stay.

I asked my friend about the dream and the connection. She just shook her head because she knows how much I 'dig' her guy. She said of course she believes very strongly in that. Dacon did it to her three times. She sold him a couple of times and he would send her dreams that he was 'done' and ready to come home. She bought him three times. lol But each time after the dreams, she would see him shortly thereafter and he would run and load into her trailer, no worries. Which is very funny, because I can see him doing that. He is a funny Arabian and I couldn't help putting him in my book Eden At Twilight, due out next month through The Wild Rose Press.

But I would like to know, do you have an animal, or have you had an animal that has not been in front of you and communicated with you?



Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Colleen, what a great post. :) I've never experienced the connection like that, but I do believe it can happen. That picture at the top of your post is precious. I remember sitting with my horse when I was younger and he'd nap in the fall sunshine on the pine needles. Those were the days. :)

Colleen Love said...

Hi Stacey!

Thank you so very much! There is nothing more magic than a little girl and her horse. That is my daughter and she adores Scooter!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Stacey Joy Netzel said...

The other day I looked out into the corral and my 7 yr old daughter was walking around the pasture with one of the horses following her--it was SO cute. Every time she'd stop, he'd stop, and his head would be bowed down to her. I found out later she had a whole pocketful of treats. LOL

Colleen Love said...

LOL That is precious and will always stay with you! :)
He was bowing to the treat goddess. :)