Monday, April 27, 2009

Magick Monday

If this isn't Magick, I don't know what is. Every year we go and see the tulips and daffodils at Roosengaarde up in Mt. Vernon, Washington. It is spectacular. It has every kind of flower that is in their catalogue and just so breathtaking. We spent four hours there just wandering through the gardens. It reminds me of something that a Victorian Era garden would have had. Where two young betrothed might have walked. Every part of this display garden is just magic to me and inspires such possibilites of fantastic Edens in unforgetable lands.

I just love the symmetry of the straight lines with so many flowers. It was awesome to look out over the sea of flowers the same color and then to pick up ones of different colors here and there. I like that kind of thing.

So yesterday, it was sunny and not too warm. I spent my afternoon attending to MY little corner of the world and loved every moment of it. Something about playing in the dirt is just so soothing. :)

Hope you find equal Magic in your day!


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