Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Autumn Windsong Cover!

Autumn Windsong Blurb:

Alita Wickstrom lives alone in the Alaskan Outback. Her dreams are haunted by the spirit of a large Buck, who visits her nightly in her dreams. His appearance shifts from deer to man as he loves her. She knows this kindred spirit is her soul mate and invisible ties will bring them together when the time is right. She waits, and one fateful night, a shot is fired severing the tie and jolting her awake. She follows her heart and intuition; she readies her dog team and makes her way into sub zero temperatures, letting her trusted canine companions take her to where the shot was fired. She finds an exquisite man. But is he her destiny?

Release date coming soon!
Gorgeous Cover, isnt it??

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