Monday, September 10, 2007

Super Sexy Sunday

I hope you had wonderful weekends!

I got my first riding lesson yesterday and it was worth the wait. My trainer doesnt believe in mincing words or ideas. She has you help hands on all the way. Awesome. So I got to ride Scooter (yea!). He is a 7 year old gentleman who is 15.1 hands. I cannot see over his back, but I can reach up to brush him. She rode Lad, who is her stallion and equally a gentleman of 15.3 hands and 17 years old. He is the best behaved stud Ive ever seen and been around. He throws out every theory of these mean, unpredictable stallions that attack if you get in thier pens. Matter of fact, I kept wondering if he was a giant puppy! Everywhere we went, he had to stop and smell the 'road apples' and proceed to cover them. lol It was pretty funny. Whenever we came across other riders, he would puff up and start huffing and puffing because he was interested in all of them. We went to this very popular place everyone calls 'the tree farm'. The horses know this place well and they were on fire to get at the trails. Lad wouldnt even let Lee Ann on! He just wanted to go! She had me on a lead for most of the time to be sure we stayed connected, because Scooter and Lad are best friends in the sense that they are like competitive brothers. Scooter was determined to be the leader and wanted to pass every chance he got. He would sneak up and start pushing on these paths that are only about 2 feet wide at the widest point (we had to wear leather shin guards to protect our legs)! He would get up to Lads neck and his ears would go flat because he wanted to win. Id reign him in and Lee Ann would laugh because they are just so competitive. When we got to the road is when it really started. So, I got up to advanced lessons and Lee Ann said she was so surprised and happy. She said I have a great center balance and Cantered perfectly. It will get better once I get more experience under my belt.

When we got back to the car park, we took off the saddles and let them roll in the dirt and catch their breaths before loading them up again. Scooter was so lovey, he would give me kisses and lean his head on me to be scratched and loved. Him and Lad were very sweet and Lad would kiss him then he bit Scooters hind end! He was even gentle doing that. It was a love nip. Needless to say, Im hooked!

Anyway... That was my day yesterday. Weve been down with the weather changing crud other then that!

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