Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finished Gatekeepers of the Mists!

I finally finished the edits on Gatekeepers of the Mists last night! Im so happy I could pop! This book is 89,000 words and was the very first thing Ive ever written. Of course it was a disaster, but when Liquid Silver Books saw it, they liked my voice and gave me a chance. They showed me what was in need of fixing instead of rejecting outright like everyone else did (without offering a contract because they are very nice people!). I rewrote it as an erotic and fixed it. But it just didnt feel right after all of that, so I rewrote it again as a traditional romance and will be giving it to my editor at The Wild Rose Press. Ive written this book 3 times and I still love it. Matter of a fact, Ive decided to expand it into a 7 book series, one book to tell each priestesses story. I think it will be fun using the world I have created. I didnt get to use it very much in Gatekeepers as its a split between the mundane world (in the first half) and the fantasy world (in the second half). Its definately not a time travel, its a dimensional travel.

Anyway, Im just excited and so happy to be finished with it and now I have a few other voices in my head that need addressing.
Im in the middle of writing my Sea Sirens Trilogy. The first book, Violet, Queen Pirate is a little over half finished. Anne's Atonement is in the works along with Carries Confession. They are destined for Liquid Silver! Yea!

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