Friday, September 28, 2007

Ok, all done...

For the last two weeks, I have been quietly grieving the death of Robert Jordan. No, I didnt personally know him. But from reading his books and being a huge fan of his work, I felt like I did! It was just a huge shock that sucked the wind right from my sails. Ive been trying to put it all in perspective and it took some very good friends of mine to pull me from my funk, telling me they dont think he would want to see one of his fans, that he unknowingly had such a heavy influence on, to stop writing. So now, here I am. Ive picked myself up, dusted myself off and Im picking up again. Ive been picking at my "girl pirate" trilogy and now its full speed ahead, Im ready to move on.

Another thing that has been a tremendous help is working with the horses. I have come to understand why people have bonded to them and dogs so very closely. Just being around them seems to cure my ills. The other day, I had a terrible headache, went out to the barn and was grooming Lad, the stallion. He is such a love and so warm and affectionate. He kept nuzzeling and asking for scratches, pointing with his nose while I was grooming him. Before I knew it, the headache was gone and he took off at a gallop through the pasture to show how handsome he is. hehe Then theres Daycon, pure white and a true gentleman who asks for kisses, which I readily give. Even when he has green drippy lips from his moistened alfalfa pellets. hehe Then theres Tanner, another true gentleman and shy love who obeys voice commands! He is so soft and fuzzy right now. Its hard to leave his softy hair alone. : ) Scooter is my speed demon whom I loooove riding through the tree farm. Him and Lad (who my friend and trainer rides only) are best buddys and Scooter hates HATES to be behind him. He just HAS to try and pass. Its so funny because these trails are very narrow and lined thickly with trees, so he sees a wide spot and the ears go back and he trys to nose ahead. LOL... I reign him back, but its still funny to see him try it. And last, is my little girly, Passion. She loooves to be groomed like any girl would. I just hold up the brush and say "Its beauty shop time!" She buts her way in and nips poor Scooter out of the way to have her turn over and over again! Im pretty short, so if Im real quiet and Scooter is still, I get a few swipes of the brush on him before she finds me. And then its usually the feel of hot breath on my back, or she lays her chin on his back like "ah ha! I caught you!" lol Then Scooter gets a nip and it starts all over again. lol

So yes, Ive found my way to deal with loosing a favorite author and inspiration. I scoop alot of poop. It helps when your too tired to think on such matters.

Thank you Robert Jordan for the inspiration to start my own writing career.
May you shelter in the palm of the Creator’s hand, and may the last embrace of the mother welcome you home.

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