Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Gladiators

We have become hooked on American Gladiators! I find every part of this show intriguing! From the smack talk to the ass woopin the get in return. Its awesome. Its funny that the ones who talk the loudest, are the ones who get beat the worst. I noticed last night how much it brings out the true personalities of the people who are defeated, as well as the ones who win. There was a minister (Andy) on there who was getting beaten pretty good by Titan in the jousting tournament. Wow, he was really angry when he came out of the water. He was a loud barker too! Strangely enough he came in first on the last event. I wanted Sharaud to win! Shoot.
When the next guy came out, Sharaud, he was quiet and just knocked Titan into the water. Sharaud fell in too, but got the most points for knocking Titan in first. I was severly impressed with how cool Titan was when he came up. He congratulated Sharaud and told him thats how the game is played. Very cool.
Needless to say, I have my next sword slinger image. He is the one on the far left of this picture. Look at this guy and his stats here:


I do have to say, that over all, my favorite Gladiator has to be Wolf.


Hes not as "shiny" as the others and his persona just appeals to me I guess. He eggs the contestants on and gets them mad, then laughs. I think its quite funny.
My kids love watching the women the most. Again, great material for a heroine. hehe

Have a great Tuesday!

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