Thursday, January 10, 2008

You might be a Writer if...

Hi everyone!

I frequent Erica Orloff's blog quite often, she's lots of fun and had this "You Might be a Writer if..." topic posted. It inspired a brainstorm that stems from one of my favorite stand up comedians, Jeff Foxworthy, so I give you:

You might be a Writer if...

...You sit next to a total stranger at a dinner party and ask "So, how did you meet?" and then actually listen.

...You meet someone with a really weird profession (like undertaker,) and spend the next hour hounding them with questions as if they were the most fascinating person on the planet.

...You realize you LIKE seeing red ink on your manuscript, because it's going to make it better.

... Your characters have their own songs on your ipod, or their own chat rooms.

... Your characters make you happier then real life people, because you can delete them if they piss you off.

... You Google things that normally could get you sent to jail, or a mental institution.

... You find yourself writing ideas down on any available scrap of paper.

... Reality shows give inspiration for ways to bump off your Villain.

... Family approach you with story ideas (usually frightening ones) because we infect them.

... You forget half of what your supposed to do and block out the rest.

... Your characters keep you awake with their problems.

... People who made you mad in life end up showing an odd resemblance to your Antagonist and you get to see them dealt with any way you see fit.

... You cant get into a story anymore, because you read everything critically now.

... You get out of bed after being there for only ten minutes because you have to jot a thought down.

... You have to pull over to write down an idea. (Please pull over, friends don't let friends write and drive.)

... You love family/neighborhood drama because it will be great in your next project.

... You snip stories and write down conversations over heard because it would be great for your next story.

... You make up interesting background stories about people around you.

It really reminds me of how much fun it is to be a writer, and the humor and frustration others must feel when they are around us. lol If you suffer from some, or all, of these symptoms, well, you must be a writer. I know there are others I've missed, please, add to my list so we may suffer together!


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