Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year!

I always love a new year! It feels like a new slate to try everything all over again. I rarely make resolutions, too hard to keep up with. But this year, I'm setting some obtainable goals. One is to write more, I think just about every writer says that, and my family probably thinks I write enough! lol... I think I need to spend more time in that imaginary world. Can I ever get enough of that?? NO! hehe But then, half the time, my imaginary world includes my real world. How hard is it to imagine Mr C in a hauberk, on a Frisian stallion war horse, with a sheathed sword and all the goodies there? Its not hard for me. After 20 years together I still find him delicious. hehe
With waist length black hair on a 6'4, broad stature, brown eyes that are soft for his loved ones, but hard and critical of outsiders, and wisdom beyond his years, its hard for me not to fantasize about him.


I have 2 novels going right now. One is complete, its just in the "soaking" period and I will be reediting it before letting it go to be read and critiqued by others. The other I'm still writing and its still behind "closed doors".
Ive become very guarded about even discussing a WIP, perhaps its just superstitious, but I think it kills the story if I talk about it before its complete. Its kind of like a little flower that blossoms too soon. If it is revealed too soon, the frost will kill it.

I have a great feeling for this year and my tarot reading cleared up some things for me last night. Indeed, it will be a great year and it all starts one day at a time.

So, off I go to enjoy the day!


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