Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Emerald Morning

Finally, FINALLY my rain came back.
I don't write very well when it's sunny out. My inspiration to type at the computer seems to go out the window and my garden calls me out. But I will admit, even though I'm not sitting and pecking away at the keyboard, I am out digging and turning my story plot lines while I am relocating weeds to my compost pile and destroying slug habitats. They also get relocated to the compost pile where they can eat whatever they want.
I know this is the verge of the Fourth of July holiday. I am expecting to get that phone call, any minute now, from my FIL asking why I did this to the weather. hehe He teases about witchly prowess being able to do such things. lol As if. I just enjoy celebrating when it does happen.
So, this morning, my world is awash in Emerald. The leaves of all shapes and sizes are glistening and clean of dust. The blackberry blossoms are crisp white contrast, and the air is clear with no pollen. I have the windows open to let the cool air pass through the house. The rain has paused and the Robins are warbling their joy. Little Hummingbirds, who live in my snowball tree, are buzzing up to the feeders, and my old Mama Kitty is venturing off the porch to be sure her world is as she left it. The chickens are scratching for bugs that have wandered into their pen. My rooster, Nutsy, hasn't even crowed at the rain this morning. I believe he is welcoming it today. Usually he won't stop crowing at the wet, because he gets tired of it. He absolutely detests the snow and won't come out of the coop. He's no dummy, the heat lamp is right over the perch and he stays with the hens. Often behind them when there is danger. lol My brave Nutsy.
I'm hoping the wild rabbit comes out to visit today, and I'm hoping to see the young buck that comes close as well. He is very unafraid and used to all of us. So he watches us and we watch him. A very compatible relationship, I think.

So, today I am going to get a few things the Muse is urging on Blood's Price and this afternoon I plan to work on some of my edits for Eden at Twilight. I say 'some' and know that it means all. I get a little obsessed and can't stand to see a job unfinished.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth!! Enjoy celebrating life, if you aren't from the US!!


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