Monday, July 28, 2008

Magick Monday!

Happy Monday!
It's been a busy weekend! I worked in the garden and got things looking better. Love doing that! Of course I paid a steep price for it! I could barely move without making some kind of sound! Sheesh, sucks to be getting older. But it was so cool to see all the Garder Snakes. They weren't too pleased to see me, but hey, they have a whole forest they can move into. Mr. C. saved one from the lawn mower that was only about six inches long. Cute little wormy sized ones. Of course now, after he has mown the front, and it rained, the Robins are everywhere. Having a great time watching them too! : )

I try to dedicate my Sunday's to updating and finding new means of promotion. I signed up with Manic Readers yesterday. Here is the link if anyone is interested. It was kinda fun. hehe

I also finished Blood's Price. Just typed 'The End' this morning. I think I have decided to make this a trilogy. I have two characters that I simply cannot leave alone. One is Mourning Dove's best friend, Sleeping Fox and their clan Mother, Wind through Willows. I think it will have a nice Maiden, Mother, Crone aspect to it. I like that, very much. So, I have to get that together.

My editor has sent me the next round of edits. She is awesome, knows her beans, I tell ya. She has caught, and questioned, things that will keep the story plausable. Really, the edits aren't bad. I seem to over use commas. Oops. It isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be though. The edits have nothing to do with the pacing, plot or story. It is the punctuation. My editor has been very kind and patient in teaching me. I don't think that can be said a whole lot. So, that is my goal for today. I plan on knocking those edits out and getting them back to her.

Hope everyone has a Magick Monday!


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