Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sometimes it's more then you think.

Sometimes beauty is more then just in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes it helps pull a frustrated writer's mind out of a quagmire and back onto the path to complete the journey.

I have been stuck for the last several, and very frustrating, weeks! Mind you, it isn't writers block, I know what I want down on the page. Just a stopping up of the inspiration, if you will. I knew I needed something visual. There are so many beautiful faces out there to select from. But none that fit what I had in my head. That was until I was browsing a friends site and she had this posted. I stopped so fast, I may have left two little furrows on her page, sorry 'bout that! :D
That's right, Jay Tavare's image grabbed my attention only the way a pair of brown eyes can. But then the next step is to see WHO he is. I have to pause, because 'beautiful' is all that comes to mind.

He is everything I have been writing in Blood's Price and I am just stunned. He has even portrayed a character named Spirit Walker. I am sure it is a common name, but I have reasons why my character is named that and it is going to stay that way now.
The very first thing that appealed to me was that he is part of the Adopt An Elder program. This foundation helps the elderly tribes people. On his website, there are many pictures of him just 'being' with them. There is such joy radiating from everyone there, it is very touching. I believe in my heart that there is not enough being done to help our elderly and veterans. But I'm not getting into that today, but so much knowledge is being lost.

ALSO, he rescues dogs and wolves. Any of you out there that knows me, doesn't even have to second guess why this appeals to me on a huge level. I just cannot add anymore to that.
Here is Mr. Tavare's website, for anyone interested. It's a lovely place to visit!

So, with my inspiration renewed, I am off to resume my journey with this story. And quite possibly go looking for a certain number of films that may just put me in a coma. Because a girl can only handle a certain amount of eye candy before she drops, right? Hasn't happened to me yet, but I'm willing to try. :D

Happy Saturday!


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