Monday, July 21, 2008

Magick Monday

Just in to post a little inspiration for my day. Hope everyone has equal Magick in theirs.
This imagery has helped so much.I cannot believe it. I got a whole chapter written yesterday and the story is now progressing. I'm hoping it is as smooth today. I am just so close to finishing I can taste it. And, I have to add, that none of it is filler BS either. It's the discovery of the evil mastermind behind all of this. He's a sick-o if you ask me. But then again, I'm just the meek and mild writer. I am my Muse's pet and she is kind of a whip cracker, I tell ya. But I love her! hehe

Today, I think we can honestly say that summer has blossomed. The morning is warm golden and still. Some Turkey Vultures have been flying around, circling the neighbors field. Such huge and graceful creatures. I think they are in on something with the ravens and crows. The ravens are following them, probably looking for an easy meal. I've seen the vultures land in the field and the crows with them. They gathered in a circle around them and the vultures just sat there for a very long time. There was no kill or anything, they looked to be just resting. I watched them through the binoculars until my eyes ached. But then, I've seen these ravens and crows hold what looked like court, as well. A large flock of them landed in this same field. I am guessing there had to be at least 14 to 15 on the ground. They gathered in a large circle and one was in the center. They posed with unusual quiet and then one by one, they flew up into the air and pecked the one in the center before taking off, until he was left standing alone. He sat there for a long time, alone. He walked around and finally just left. But, these creatures are amazing and so intelligent. But of course my favorite are the birds of prey. Owls in particular. I love the Falcon that comes and tries to use my bird feeders as a snack bar, and the naughty Stellar Jays that tease him. A true lesson in poise and grace. But also a lesson in the Zen arts. I take Hyde's (from That 70's Show)stance on this one. When Zen Ends, Ass Kickin' Begins.

I think I will end on that one. Have a Magick Monday!!


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