Thursday, July 31, 2008

I changed it back.

While the other blog was cute. It was just too white. I like the background to be black because it shows my inspiration in a better way. I also think it is easier to read.

So, after a couple of days to clear my mind of the writing phase of things. I've started round two of the rough draft. And by that, I mean I am beginning the smoothing out, editing of sentence structure, getting rid of useless and redundant sentences and phrases. I am also filling in parts of the story that I fill need a bit more coloring in. Filling out the characters, and more detail and discription. Because I am a description queen.

That is one of the things I love hearing, especially since I consider myself a new writer still. I love hearing that my books are descriptive enough to embrace the reader. That they are part of the story and are able to be consumed by the characters. It's probably why I like writing novel length books too. I like to dig deep and really turn things inside out.

So, I now have a little list of things I've made to go back and fill in and fix to keep the story consistant and notes of threads I may have started in the beginning and accidently left behind. Time to pick up those stitches! :)

Happy Thursday or Friday Eve!

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